Monday, December 29, 2014

Nine CCAs to Check Out in NYP

With so many CCAs to choose from, it is certainly hard to decide which CCA you should commit to. But NYP is a warm hearted community, and whichever CCA you join, you are certain to make good friends. If you can’t decide, here are nine interesting CCAs to check out!

Monday, December 22, 2014


For ‘N’ Level graduates who can’t wait to commence on your tertiary education, here’s how Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) lets you get a head start.

Gideon Patrick Manik
The Nanyang Polytechnic Foundation Programme (NYPFP) allows Secondary 4 Normal (Academic) students to enter NYP a year ahead of their peers. Students under this programme will go through a year of preparation and will secure a spot for themselves in their diploma of choice when they have passed all the modules. Students, Gideon Patrick Manik and Koh Liang Jing, talk about why they chose the NYPFP.

For Gideon Patrick Manik, learning more about business operations and setting up his own business has always been his goal. Getting into the Diploma in Engineering with Business allows him to study multi-disciplinary subjects, including the application of business skills to engineering processes.

“I was encouraged to join the NYPFP as I would be able to secure a spot in NYP rather than have to compete with all the ‘O’ Level graduates,” explained Gideon, “I was also eager to learn more.”

The huge transition between secondary school and polytechnic proved to be difficult at first when Gideon discovered that there were a lot more group projects that had to be undertaken. However, the camaraderie and interaction between group members helped him to overcome the initial challenges.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Entrepreneur at 20, millionaire at 24

As an avid swimmer, Tan Jian Yong, alumnus of NYP’s School of Engineering, was part of the Lifeguard Corps in NYP where he met swimming instructors and learnt about swim coaching and related skills. After he was certified as a swimming instructor, Jian Yong started giving private swimming lessons but faced problems with students cancelling classes at the last minute and defaulting on payments, both of which affected his schedule and income. That was when the idea for Happy Fish Swim School came up.

Building a multi-million empire

Having been in the ornamental fish business at the tender age of 14, entrepreneurship was nothing new to Barnabas Huang, alumnus of NYP’s School of Business Management and now Managing Director of NutriFirst Pte Ltd, but after working in the industry for three years, he realised it wasn’t his true calling so he decided to change his career path.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Juggling with busy school life and a burgeoning interest in running, Nabin Parajuli, a Year 3 student in Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management, School of Business Management, explores his path beyond to fulfil his full potential.

Nabin is an anomaly in the world of sports. A librarian in secondary school, his talent for running was accidentally discovered when he joined the first race in his life, in NYP, and came in fourth place. His coach, Mr Tho Yow Kin, said that it was rare for someone without any running experience to finish so close to the Athletic team members, who had been training consistently.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Befriending The Elderly at Love Navigator 2014 with NYP’s Mentoring Club

 Back in secondary school, I remember knocking on doors to collect newspapers, picking up beach litter and doing some spring cleaning in school classrooms. I did it mainly because I needed to obtain a certain amount of CIP (Community Involvement Project) points each year. However, I came to realise that community service projects are not just about points, it’s about giving back to the community. Recently, I was invited by NYP Mentoring Club for their elderly befriending event called “Love Navigator”. Here are some highlights of the event.

Travel Around the World in Pursuit of Passion

What’s next after acquiring a diploma? Evangeline Neo, NYP’s School of Interactive & Digital Media alumna, shares her current pursuit and unquenchable thirst for success.

Following her passion took Evangeline, a local comic artist, all over the world; where her exposure to different cultures became her source of inspiration. Having built a strong foundation in both traditional methods and digital media, and the vast exposure to design softwares during her Diploma in Digital Media Design course at NYP; Evangeline found it easy adapting to any software. “I could pick up ‘Manga Studio’, a comic programme by myself!”

Despite her travels, Evangeline remained rooted to NYP. After completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts under an MDA scholarship at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, she returned to her alma mater as a lecturer. “While teaching, I realised that our local comic industry hadn’t grown since I left. I became determined to obtain a scholarship to study in Japan to see how they did it there, and if we could develop a local comic culture.”

Heading to the prestigious Waseda University in Tokyo to pursue her Masters in Business Administration (MBA), she was inspired to create Evacomics – web comic strips highlighting the cultural differences between Japan and Singapore - after experiencing a culture shock there. Evangeline shared, “The main challenge was how to make the story engaging and convey the idea, because even a good drawing cannot salvage bad storytelling.”

What’s next for Evacomics? The NYP alumna reveals that she hopes her comic will gain a global audience and even branch out into character licensing like Snoopy and Hello Kitty. Her ultimate dream is to hold exhibitions and have her own character-themed cafe!

Be innovative and enterprising, choose your own adventure at NYP Open House from 8 to 10 Jan 2015!

Published in the December 2014 Issue of Teenage Magazine. Reproduced with Permission.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sweet Creation

Hong Kar Yiu, Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) alumna, made a mark on the world with her creativity. These days, she dreams of benefitting others with her future inventions.

Hong Kar Yiu
Alumna, Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition
School of Chemical & Life Sciences

Indulging in our favourite food is something we take for granted. But Kar Yiu, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was nine, was determined to savour the sweet taste of ice-cream again. “I joined NYP’s Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition because I hoped to learn about and develop suitable food that diabetics can enjoy,” and she did.

For Kar Yiu’s Final Year Project, she took the plunge with her partner, Sophia Ng Bao Xian, to develop sugar-free ice-cream despite being unfamiliar with the ice-cream making process. Luckily, their task was eased with the knowledge and lab techniques taught in their course and their lecturer’s continuous guidance. “In order to get the right sweetness, flavour, and fat content, we had 25 trials to develop this sugar-free and low-fat pumpkin ice cream that’s suitable for diabetics and the elderly!” Thus, ‘Traffic Jam’ was created, a three-in-one ice cream made of beetroot, pumpkin and bitter melon, which has the same colours as traffic light. It even received professional recognition by being selected as a finalist in the World Diary Innovation Awards 2014!

Kar Yiu’s adventure in innovation doesn’t end here. Wanting to help others enjoy the food that they love, she hopes to land a job related to research and development in the food industry where she can develop different food products that will benefit others; after she graduates from NTU.

Be innovative and enterprising, choose your own adventure at NYP Open House from 8 to 10 Jan 2015!

Published in the December 2014 Issue of Teenage Magazine. Reproduced with Permission.

Star Internship

Talented and driven, this Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) alumna stepped up during her internship and scored opportunity of a lifetime.

Chong Shu Xin
Alumna, Diploma in Accountancy & Finance
School of Business Management

How do you make the most of an internship? Ask Shu Xin, who landed a coveted job with Ernst & Young (E&Y), a Big Four audit firm. Step #1: outstanding work performance. Apart from administrative work, she was also given other more challenging duties in various areas that required more thinking and experience. The skills and experience she acquired from the Teaching Enterprise Project at NYP, like accounting management and customer service, sure came in handy.

Step #2: take the path less trodden. Wanting to focus on gaining experience, Shu Xin decided to enter the working world, despite her good GPA score of 3.78 and being eligible for undergraduate studies. But before making this big decision, she turned to her trusted teachers for guidance. She revealed, “Although it was ultimately my decision, my lecturers shared the pros and cons of each option with me and prepared me for what’s coming ahead.” Her internship manager from E&Y also gave her helpful advice, promising to guide her if she came back to E&Y.

Four years passed and today, Shu Xin is pursuing her professional ACCA qualification under E&Y’s sponsorship while working as an audit executive. For her excellent performance at work, she’s been promoted and received a salary increment. She shared, “NYP bridges the gap between what we study and what we do in the future. It’s especially beneficial for me because the modules I had learnt are applicable for both my job and pursuit of ACCA qualifications. I have up to six paper exemptions!”

Be innovative and enterprising, choose your own adventure at NYP Open House from 8 to 10 Jan 2015!

Published in the December 2014 Issue of Teenage Magazine. Reproduced with Permission.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Letter to My 16 Year Old Self

 Dear 16-years old Kris

It is hard at the moment, isn’t it? Having to deal with all the pressure that you are facing now because of ‘O’ levels, and also having to choose a future path that will be most beneficial for you. Of course I understand, that was what I went through. And, trust me, when I tell you that you will survive through them, just like me.  I am still here, writing this letter to you, two years from your future. Even though you will become more confident as time passes, having friends and family by your side and knowing what job you would like to have, you will still be insecure about life after school and what it holds, but I think it will turn out fine.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bright Future Ahead

Diyan Ashkin Binte Abd Razak
Alumna, Diploma in Electronics, Computer & Communications Engineering
School of Engineering

Although Diyan is the only lady in her department, she is fully capable of holding her own. Looking back, she told us, NYP equipped her with many skills, including soft skills like communications and leadership; which are applicable to her field of work. This gave her a good head start. She also had a great lecturer who provided her with constant advice and even went the extra mile to clarify her questions and doubts. She shared that being an E&E-NYP Scholarship recipient opened doors for her too – during her internship at Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd (E&E), the region’s Audio Visual (AV) integrator, she was involved in a big project at The Star Performing Arts Centre. Her responsibilities included doing video calibration and ensuring good quality sound and video transmission. She proudly recalls, “We managed to complete the entire project under the guidance of our supervisors from E&E!”

Her dedication during her internship paid off and Diyan was immediately offered a job with E&E upon graduation. “I feel honoured to be able to secure a job with a reputable company liked E&E.” Recalling one of her key takeaways from NYP, she said there is a quote from her tutor, which she will never forget – ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. Till date, “I still repeat that to myself every day, for any kind of project that I’m assigned to.”

Diyan found her career through her internship adventure; it’s time to carve out your own. Be innovative and enterprising, choose your own adventure at NYP Open House from 8 to 10 Jan 2015!

Published in the December 2014 Issue of Teenage Magazine. Reproduced with Permission.

Fun Innovation

Leonard Lam Yong Heng
Alumnus, Diploma in Visual Communication
School of Design

Growing up in a dialect-speaking family, Leonard noticed a language barrier between youths and the dialect-speaking elderly. Hence, he was inspired to revive Chinese dialects in Singapore. However, he knew that traditional methods wouldn’t cut it. “I wanted to create something fun, so I decided to use trading card games, which people are more receptive to playing.” Thus, he invented Xin Xin Dialect, a card game that teaches players Hokkien idioms and phrases, which earned him the 2014 Singapore Good Design Mark (SG Mark).

Ironically, Leonard had faced a language problem – being Hakka, he was unfamiliar with Hokkien. To research on the language, he read books and visited a temple to understand the Hokkien culture. He also contacted a teacher from Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan (clan association) to teach him Hokkien. He said, “It’s amazing how this knowledge isn’t passed down to the younger generations.”

Though the whole process was long and tiring, the brainstorming, technical and illustration skills he learnt from his course in NYP helped a lot, and he had support. “Ms Ong Guat Teng [my lecturer] guided me when I needed direction for the project. She also inspired me to illustrate the cards in a more whimsical and quirky manner.”

“Thanks to NYP, my project was given a good head start!” Winning The Crowbar Awards 2014, Singapore Design Awards, and the SG Mark competitions, with his entries sponsored by NYP, Leonard now aims to commercialise Xin Xin Dialect by next year.

Leonard is one step closer to his inventor dream. You can too! Be innovative and enterprising, choose your own adventure at NYP Open House from 8 to 10 Jan 2015!

Published in the December 2014 Issue of Teenage Magazine. Reproduced with Permission.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Scaling Greater Heights

Dickson (extreme left) with his fellow interns and colleagues

Dickson Tan Boon Keong
Alumnus, Diploma in Business Management
School of Business Management

Judging from his long list of achievements, you wouldn’t have guessed that Dickson is visually-impaired. Making the Director’s List at SBM for four consecutive semesters with a GPA score of 3.92, he has also received the Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) Foundation Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities.

Dickson recalled the strong support his lecturers gave him through his challenging academic journey. Because he required a costly computer software called Screen Reader, which reads displayed content, to enable him to study and take exams, NYP installed the software in a computer on campus to facilitate his learning. His lecturers provided electronic copies of everything he needed. They were mindful of his condition and would always make an effort to describe drawings or visual elements on the whiteboard for his understanding. Not just that, they also had the foresight to start Dickson’s internship placement process early, easing his worries about not being able to find an attachment because of his visual impairment. Dickson successfully completed his internship at IBM Singapore.

Currently a first-year Computer Science student at National University of Singapore, Dickson’s poly experience has given him an advantage compared to his peers from Junior College. The skills he picked up, like communications, time management and group project collaboration, were beneficial to him. Inspired by how extensively technology helped him in his daily life, Dickson shared, “I hope to be able to use technology to help others, not only people with visual-impairments like myself, but to benefit people at large.”

Inspired by Dickson’s adventure in pursuit of further studies? Be innovative and enterprising, choose your own adventure at NYP Open House from 8 to 10 Jan 2015!

Published in the December 2014 Issue of Teenage Magazine. Reproduced with Permission.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dear Diary, a Year in Review (at NYP) .......And what I love about it

9 Jan 2014

Like many other school-leavers, Ru Yee and I thought that it would be fun to check out the Open House at all the polytechnics.  We were racing against time as we only had a day to view them all. With some quick last-minute planning, we settled on the routes. No doubt we had to move quickly. There were places to go and things to see!

Common sense dictates that when in doubt, always follow the crowd. And that was how we got to the atrium of NYP. From Yio Chu Kang MRT, it took us barely five minutes to get there. Thank goodness! We wasted no time viewing each booth before promptly heading to the other polytechnics. But, with our poor sense of direction, we got lost again after taking multiple buses to nowhere…

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Improving Polytechnic Education, One Dialogue Session At A Time with ASPIRE

 On the morning of Monday, 27 October 2014, I attended a dialogue session called ASPIRE (Applied Study in Polytechnics and ITE Review) with special guest, Miss Indranee Rajah, Senior Minister of State for Education and Law. Its main aim was to help us understand what ASPIRE was all about. I now understand that ASPIRE aims to improve polytechnic as well as ITE education to help students studying in these institutions prepare for both the world of work and further education.  Here are some highlights of the event and an interview with a student who has a lot of passion for ASPIRE.

Friday, November 7, 2014

SHS Celebrates CIE Day!

Fiona Yoong, from nursing class NR1320
On 4 November 2014, the School of Health Sciences (SHS) celebrated its annual CIE day. In CIE, ‘C’ stands for creative, ‘I’ stands of innovation, and ‘E’ stands for enterprise.

On this special day, we celebrate the unique talents of students in SHS. As each of our unique talents may not be recognised due to our school and career commitments, it is great to celebrate CIE day! Students are given an opportunity to showcase their Creativity, Innovativeness and Enterprise through their booths, or performances.

The booths were set up at the atrium, and outdoors (around the atrium). All of the booths went through a rigorous selection process before they were selected for display. The items and services sold consisted of rainbow looms, nail polish, flower growing kits, and much more. The performers did not have it easy as well. They had to go through many rehearsals and auditions before finally being selected to perform on stage.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fan of Children’s Books Sees Her Dream Come True

 Joey with her brand new book!
To draw her illustrations about a little Indian boy who fell in love with Chinese opera, NYP graduate Joey Ng Kai Woon spent hours watching videos on Chinese opera.  The fruit of her labour --   Joey recently realised her dream of having her illustrations published in a children’s book.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Monomino – Turning Great Ideas a Reality

Monomino is a made-in-NYP indie PC game that was recently launched on Steam. This game was developed by students and staff from NYP’s School of Interactive and Digital Media (SIDM), and it is the first indie commercial game to be produced by the school.

This puzzler requires gamers to help ‘Minobabies’ escape various levels and return home. Players can build paths for the babies using blocks of various shapes and sizes. They can also use power-ups to give the Minobabies special abilities that will allow them to overcome obstacles.

Monomino is the brain child of Yong Xiang, who is currently serving his National Service. Ironically, he did not think much of his own concept, and it took the strong support and encouragement of his classmates and lecturers to turn his idea into the cute, visually-distinctive game it is today.

Monday, October 27, 2014

A New Lease of Life

Thomas Liao (on the right) and myself during the first Yellow Ribbon Run this year
Whenever I look at my first and best friend in NYP, Thomas Liao Tian Shun, I am reminded that however undesirable our life may be, we can still make it right with sheer grit, resilience and willpower.

We were first acquainted on the first day of orientation week for the School of Health Sciences. He was in a white T-shirt and checkered Bermudas. As I was walking in front, I kept turning around to look behind at my new soon-to-be friends and I noticed Thomas was staring at me each time I turned around. Thus, I decided to break the ice and hopefully make my first new friend in NYP.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

《公子爱挑战》The Dukes’ Theme Park Challenge – Big Rides, Big Opportunities for SIDM Students

From left: Kelly Boon, Andrew Chen, Michelle Wong and 
Chua Si Min (not pictured: Matilda Sim and Ong Ru Wei).

SIDM students Chua Si Min, Andrew Chen Zhi Quan, Kelly Boon Xin Min, Matilda Sim and Ong Ru Wei have added something big to their portfolio. These five Year 3 Digital Media Design (Animation) students, along with Michelle Wong, A Developmental Technologist who graduated with a Diploma in Digital Media Design (Animation) in 2013, have recently completed work on 《公子爱挑战》(The Dukes’ Theme Park Challenge), a weekly 30-minute MediaCorp game show which sees host Quan Yi Feng competing against popular male artistes across seven popular theme parks in South East Asia.

Not all Smoke and Mirrors at the Science and Technology Challenge 2014

On Friday morning, October 17, 2014, SEG hosted the Science and Technology (S&T) Challenge for more than 900 secondary school students. The objective of the annual event is to create a learning interest in polytechnic science and engineering through interactive and fun activities. A total of 254 teams comprising 943 students from 31 Secondary Schools took part in the S&T Challenge 2014.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

She wanted something more in her life

Mindy Yeo (above, right) is currently a student pursuing her Diploma in Occupational Therapy at NYP. We got to know each other in 2013, when she interviewed me for a video assignment she was working on. This wonderful lady taught me a valuable lesson: never give up on seeking purpose in my life.

After resigning from her job of four years as an operations executive in the rehabilitation department of a hospital, she decided to become an Occupational Therapist (OT), which is a totally different field of work.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Creating the World's Longest Drawing

Saturday Oct 4, 2014 marked the day of the attempt to draw the world’s longest drawing. The event was organized and led by Peter Draw, a Nanyang Polytechnic alumnus, local artist and philanthropist. He also holds two other Guinness World Records to his name. The event was co-sponsored by LINE, an application for instant messaging on smartphones and personal computers, and held in the Nanyang Polytechnic Sports Hall.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jobs Nearby: From Interest to Passion

On the afternoon of 16 September 2014, the NYP Entrepreneur Club invited Mr Joseph Tan to share his entrepreneurship journey with us. Joseph was an economist. He graduated from University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Economics.  He started his career with Standard Chartered Bank followed by Fortis Bank and his last role was chief economist of Credit Suisse. He spent most of his career as a banker and earned about $1K per day. However, he chose to give up his banking career to start a social enterprise.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Passionate Entrepreneur Shares Six Best Practices in Social Media

On Monday, September 15, 2014, from 2pm to 4pm, Mr Andrew Chow (above, right) shared with  the Entrepreneur Club on how startups can leverage on social media platforms to market a company more effectively.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

An Affinity for Crystals

 (Left) Aaron, and (in group photo), right at the back with some members of my crazy clique.

Aaron Toh from the Diploma in Marketing is the oldest member in my NYP clique and coincidentally shares the same alma mater as me – Geylang Methodist School. I remember initiating a chat with him as he did not belong to a clique then. You may think he is an awkward, shy and introverted person in class, but don’t be fooled by his cold exterior, he doesn’t bother to socialise if you do not share similar interests, but once you get to know him, his quirkiness will keep you intrigued.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The First NYPian to Visit Babson College

What’s a girl to do when she wants to start a food empire?

For Christabel Tan, the answer was simple - enrol in NYP’s Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition, and also learn as much about entrepreneurship as possible.

And what better way to learn about starting your own business than by attending an 8-day Course at the US’s No. 1 college for entrepreneurship?

So Christabel visited Babson College from 6-13 July for a National Youth Leadership Forum on Careers in Business & Innovation. Not only did she get an extraordinary lesson in entrepreneurship and a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but she also became the first student from NYP to attend this programme at the prestigious Babson College.

But her trip was almost not to be.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

SEG’s Maths Amazing Race

Morning Briefing with Chong Boon Sec students
On Tuesday morning, September 9, 2014, SEG hosted Maths Amazing Race, a series of mathematics challenges for Chong Boon Secondary School students. The objective of this event was to trigger the students’ learning interest in polytechnic mathematics through interactive and fun activities.

The event also gave prospective students a chance to experience the facilities at School of Engineering (SEG) and learn from the lecturers there. SEG students were also on hand to guide the students and bonded with them through the various activities.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Shoot-O by SEG Club

On Saturday, August 2, 2014, from 9am to 4pm, SEG Club hosted Shoot-O, a ball game event for all SEG students.

The tagline of the event was “Ignite your Passion” and the objective of this event was to motivate students to excel in the games through teamwork, resilience and mental toughness. The event also helped students to relieve stress, enjoy their time with their friends, while encouraging them to be more active in sports.

Games played included basketball, captain’s ball and soccer. There were six teams participating in basketball, 14 teams in Captain’s Ball and 12 teams in the soccer matches. It was a very tough competition as there were so many teams to compete against.

Monday, September 8, 2014

NYP: A Home for Finley Ng

We were in the middle of doing our project when I asked her, “What do you think of NYP?” This simple question resulted in her sharing her thoughts about NYP.                

Invincible 2014: A Bonding Session for Social Work Students

The holidays are finally here after a whole semester of hard work, exams and projects! If you thought the semester was tough, wait till you see what we faced at the end of the semester.

On 3rd September 2014, the Social Work Associate Network for Students (SWANS) committee came together to execute Invincible 2014, a day of sports and games for Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work) students. The event had the interests of the students in mind, and gave them an opportunity to build stronger bonds with one another across all levels. This is in line with SWANS’ mission, which is to create a big community amongst students from our course.

Hitting the High Notes

It was stiff competition but their effortspaid off and these youths were rewarded with the coveted championship title of the NYP Jam! singing competition!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

POL-ITE Tennis 2014: Truly a Gentlemen’s Sport

Women’s Doubles – NYP player preparing to hit the ball with a forehand shot 
The results are in after the POL-ITE Tennis competition, which wrapped up on the 7th of August. Both divisions gave it their best shot against their opponents from the different institutions. Our very own NYP women’s team came in fourth and our men’s team is the overall champions of this year’s competition!

Throughout the competition, the men’s team beat all the other teams from the other polytechnics and ITE. The women’s team managed wins against TP and ITE and hence, placed fourth.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hui Juan: a Modern Day Hero

Sometimes we forget that there are modern day heroes among us, even in Singapore. Take Kang Hui Juan, a second year student, from the Diploma in Electrical Engineering with Eco-Design, for example.

Hui Juan is suffering from congenital heart defect, in particular, a structural defect in her great arteries. Her parents were told that she could not survive even a day after birth. However, even though her heart condition made her extremely fragile the first few months of her life, she has managed to pull through.

Hui Juan

Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Fun Filled National Day Event at SEG!

SEG Club held its National Day Celebrations (NDC) at the Level 2 linkway from Block Q to Block S on Wednesday, 6th August 2014.
Students celebrated Singapore’s 49th Birthday by dedicating songs to their friends, participating in  quizzes, taking part in a lucky draw contest and enjoying  various festivities.
 Students were invited on stage to engage in  friendly competition with their peers in games like charades, balloon games, and more. There were also attractive prizes up for grabs! Winners received prizes like movie vouchers, flash drives and laptop sleeves.  

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our Canteen Heroes

Does this scene look familiar to you? Yes, you see it every day but do you appreciate it?

When it’s time for lunch, the canteen is always abuzz with students and lecturers. The queues extend to the tables, and sometimes, beyond. Everyone is so tightly packed together, talking away that no one notices someone quietly working behind them. Indeed, our cleaners are silent as they clear our plates and trays from the table. And, more often than not, they are ignored. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Power-Packed Martial Arts Night 2014!

On 6th August, the sports hall was abuzz with life. Students were clad in all sorts of martial arts robes, either pacing around the hall or chatting animatedly with other students dressed in a similar fashion. Meanwhile, everyone in the hall was getting ready for Martial Arts Night 2014. 

Martial Arts Night 2014
Martial Arts Night is an annual event planned by NYP’s martial arts committee. The significance of this event is to showcase each martial art’s specialty and perform the handing over ceremony for the new martial arts committee president. This year, the participating groups were: Wushu, Kendo, Taekwondo, Aikido, Judo, Silat and Kickboxing. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

SHS Celebrates Nurses Day

On 6th August 2014, SHS held the annual Nurses Day cum National day celebrations at Blk K.

The event was organized by the SHS academic club, staff and student volunteers.

Before it officially started at the block K gardens, the performers were already warming up. They were practicing their items in the morning and virtually “rocking” the whole SHS!

At 3pm, on a beautiful sunny afternoon, the event officially began.

Nurses - the True Unsung Heroes

Often, they are a group that we take for granted and forget to be thankful for. Working long hours, they sacrifice their time and energy just to make sure the ones they care for are comfortable. They work behind the closed scenes of the hospital wards, caring for and administering treatment to patients.

In my opinion, nurses are, not only the backbone but, the true unsung heroes of the medical scene.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Challenging Entrepreneurship Day

 It all came down to this, a mere 15 minutes on a Saturday morning.

As we stood in front of our panel of judges, it dawned upon us that a semester’s work was geared towards this. After countless sleepless nights and disagreements among teammates, our presentation was over in what seemed like a blink of an eye.
Judges at a briefing
Entrepreneurship Day (ED) 2014 was held on the 2nd of August. It is one of the many educational platforms that the School of Business Management (SBM) provides for students taking the Entrepreneurship module to allow them to learn things in an innovative and creative way. This year, over 500 final year students, including myself, pitched their business ideas to several panels of judges.

There were 40 industry judges present, split into 20 different panels and locations. It was nerve-wrecking because we didn’t know who would judge us. And our presentation was worth 30% of our module grades.