Thursday, January 30, 2014

What’s in your bag, Joan?

Life in poly is exciting and full of learning opportunities. To get the most out of your experience, your bag should be stocked with all the items you need - from the basics to your guilty pleasures. In this issue of “What’s in your bag?” we ask owner, Joan Lee, who is a third year Biologics & Process Technology student, what she brings to her internship at  GSK Vaccines Manufacturing Plant. Joan is also the Treasurer of The Write Stuff, a CCA for social media and writing enthusiasts.

Here’s a mini quintessential guide from Joan, for what one ought to carry while on attachment.

Getting down to the basics


When working you may realise you only need a few items for lunch. For convenience, Joan brings around a wristlet that is big enough to hold her phone, keys and money.

Access card

Naturally, another one of the key things in Joan’s bag is her company access card hooked to a lanyard, which she wears around her neck.


The pen is useful and handy. This is also something Joan uses to write her own notes when she needs to.
“In the pharmaceutical industry we use ball point pens because it doesn't fade easily. It also adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP),” she said.

‘Impact’ sweets

Joan keeps a box of sweets, namely ‘Impact’ sugar free mints. Like all of us who need the occasional sugar rush, it helps to “prevent sleepiness” during work, as well as keeps her breath fresh.


Although Joan doesn’t have an umbrella, I believe that would be another useful item. I asked Joan why she didn’t need one and I realised she is very lucky. She said, “There's a shuttle bus provided to work and since it’s sheltered all the way, an umbrella is not really needed; the shuttle bus provides umbrellas too.”

IPhone 5

The all-important mobile phone, or in this case, the iPhone 5 is something many teenagers can’t live without. The phone also doubles as a planner for Joan, which, according to her, is “easy to use and environmentally friendly.”

Power bank and phone cable 

As Joan uses her phone to do all sorts of tasks, it is important for her to keep her battery levels in good range. Therefore, she uses a power bank not only to charge her phone but even her friends’ phones since it has two ports.


Last but not least are her earphones. Music is essential to Joan.  The journey to her office in Tuas takes around an hour (shuttle provided by company). It also helps her relieve stress.

Well that’s all for What’s in Your Bag for today. Do stay tuned for our next edition!

By Jade Teo Yu Wen, Year 1, Diploma in Mass Media Management

For 18 years, Jade has been tirelessly working on ways to cure “boredom”. She tried watching chefs like Nigella Lawson on TV, creating a solar-powered boat with little success, taking a literature trip to UK with friends, riding in the front seat of an ambulance and a fire truck; but nothing worked as well as her first adventure - writing. Without it and her books, she wouldn’t have been cured. 

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