Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why we made NYP our first choice

Hi readers! Welcome to The Innovative Polytechnic in Singapore! That’s right, it’s NYP!

As a student who has just finished your O levels, I believe that you have many some burning questions about your next step in your education. In this article, my friends and I will share with l you why we chose the courses we are in and why we made NYP our first choice!

May it inspire you to choose NYP as your first choice too.

Let’s get started.

Firstly, I’ll start off with myself. I’m Theophilus from the School of Business Management, currently studying  Mass Media Management. I had a deep desire to learn about the media industry. NYP not only gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream but it has also allowed me to learn more about the business side of things. The end result is a win-win situation for me as I get the best of both the media and business worlds!

Since school started, I have made friends from nearly every school. I am always running into friends wherever I go. Let me introduce you to some of my friends from the various NYP Schools who also opted for NYP as their first choice.
First up is my friend, Lim Wei Xiang, who is pursuing a Diploma in Digital Media Design (Animation) from the School of Interactive & Digital Media. When he was in Secondary School Wei Xiang took up animation as his CCA and was placed  first at the national “3D Graphics and Animation Competition”. Because NYP was the pioneer animation school amongst all the polytechnics, he felt that NYP was the most established and therefore the best place for him to further develop his talent in animation.

Next is my friend Marcus. For avid dancer and Mechatronics Engineering student, Marcus Tee Kai Suan, NYP was an easy choice. This student from the School of Engineering said, “While looking for a course after getting my results, I chanced upon this diploma in NYP. After doing a bit more research, I felt that Mechatronics was my interest and it was something that I wanted to pursue because of my interest in Mechanical and Electronics Engineering. With the course schedule, I'm able to study at my own pace and improve my dancing at the same time!”

Next, say hi to my senior and aspiring nurse, Nurmasria Nauli Sihombing Binte D.P.,  who is  someone who really loves to care for people. She is from the School of Health Sciences and was  inspired by her older brother to study for the  Diploma in Nursing here in NYP.

She said, “I felt that NYP is the best choice to make if you want to become a nurse. It is after all the first and most established Polytechnic Nursing School in Singapore”. Indeed, NYP’s School of Health Sciences was set up together with the Polytechnic is 1992.

If you have the interest in caring for peopleof all ages, you may consider this course!

Aspire to be in the medical or chemistry fields? Here is what Lionel Tan from the Diploma in Medicinal Chemistry, School of Chemical & Life Sciences has to say.

“I picked NYP partly because it was near to where I live. On a more important note, the module synopsis of my course interests me!”

Currently doing his Diploma in Information Technology in the School of Information Technology is Chew Rong Kang. Currently a year 2 student, he came from Maris Stella High School. During the NYP Open House, he learnt more about NYP’s strong ties to the industry and its great track record, which prompted him to sign up. To him, NYP was the best choice for him to gain real world experience. Through Rong Kang’s time here, he made many new friends and connections with other students and professionals!

He is dreaming of furthering his studies. Yes,  say ‘Hi’ to Cheng Ren Xuan Emilio,  who is already looking ahead to the University. And he believes  the Diploma in Industrial Design from our School of Design will help him get there. Thanks to the  recommendations from his seniors, Ren Xuan made NYP his choice.Prior to enrolling in NYP Ren Xuan and his friends would always pass by NYP on the train - all with one thought in mind: That they will be here  one day!

Well, you have heard from 7 different students, from the 7 schools of NYP! We  have made NYP our first choices for different reasons and we have no regrets! Our time here has filled our hearts with memories that we will cherish for life. Truly, we say NYP - My Poly, My Choice!

Written By: Theophilus Kee Ern, Year 1, Diploma in Mass Media Management

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