Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What I Learnt From Mediacorp’s Localicious!

Celebrities galore at NYP!
Spending my afternoon at NYP speaking with MediaCorp’s Channel 5 actors and radio DJs was definitely an eye-opener. Normally, you would see these stars only on television shows or hear them on the radio. However, meeting them face-to-face  allowed me to see another side of the entertainment life.
Group photo time! 987FM's Divian and Sonia take a photo with me and my friends from the Diploma in Mass Media Management!
When I greeted the actors on their arrival, they were all smiles and very personable. They told me how fun their jobs were. and it was nice to see the other side of them that is different from the characters they usually play on TV.  When asked about getting into the entertainment industry, almost all of them had the same answer. 987FM’s Divian Nair said it best, “You have to enjoy what you do and not just come in for the fame and money.” 
Catch Erin Lim, Joakim Gomez and Kimberly Chia in the new sitcom, Rules of Tham!
The actors shared the importance of perseverance when climbing the ladder of success. Some had taken close to 7 years before appearing on television as a main character. Others have been in other MediaCorp channels like Vasantham from the very start, and switching to Channel 5 was a big leap for them.

When asked what they felt was their impact on the local entertainment scene, they said that what they were doing is establishing a firm foundation for all future actors. Actor Sunny Pang said, “It is a long way to go but it doesn’t mean it’s unachievable.” To them, any actor in Singapore is as good as a Hollywood actor, even though Singapore’s media industry isn’t like the United States yet.

987FM's Divian Nair with the cast of Spouse for House.
Speaking about acting, the new shows coming to Channel 5 are Spouse for House and Zero Calling. Both local shows feature a purely local cast including the likes of  Alaric Tay, Irene Ang and Pierre Png. Just from watching the preview videos, I would say that these two shows are exciting new additions to Channel 5’s line-up.

Spouse for House revolves around the lives of a couple who had dated for close to eight years, since they were in Junior College. As they are about to get married, they decide to break-up but choose to stay together so that they can keep the house.

Zero Calling stars Pierre Png, who receives a call from an unknown person demanding  him to do certain things. If he were to report to the authorities, his family’s lives would be at stake. This is a show filled with a whole lot of suspense and action.

Intrigued? Do look out for these shows coming your way soon!

Written By: Theophilus Kee Ern, Year 1, Diploma in Mass Media Management
Photos courtesy of The NYP Photography Club.

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