Monday, March 10, 2014

A Year of Talent

The past year has been a good one for Goh Shi Da and Sabrin Masil, both final year students from the School of Business Management. Shi Da was a finalist in the Hey, Gorgeous! Channel U reality show, and Sabrin Masil won NYP Jam! 2014. But what made it even sweeter was that they were recently crowned Mr and Miss NYP as well! Our student writer Kiong Xiangyi attended the GeneratioNYP finals and tells us all.

This year, GeneratioNYP 2014 was held at Resorts World Sentosa on 1st March 2014. It is a pageant-style event, and contestants have to showcase their talents for a chance to be crowned Mr and Miss NYP. This was the first time I witnessed the show as a student. It may also be my last school event as I will graduate soon. But, it certainly was not the least of my NYP experiences. I enjoyed every minute of the pageant and was in admiration of the contestants who performed on the stage. They are really talented people who overcame their challenges and made it to the GeneratioNYP 2014 Grand Finale.

The road to the finals is a long one. The first round of trials consisted of an interview and talent showcase. From there, 20 contestants were selected. Then, the contestants were given the opportunity to volunteer to work with children from aLife center, a non-profit voluntary welfare organisation. Next, they were put through a series of challenges and activities to test their strength and endurance at Pulau Ubin. Finally, they were given a start-up fund of $50 and had to put their mettle to the test by trying to raise as much funds as possible during a charity bazaar.

Then, the top 10 finalists were chosen!

After overcoming all the challenges from May 2013 onwards, the 10 finalists were announced, and they were: Lionel Lim Yi Xing, Cheng Boontien, Goh Shi Da, Yang Jie Isaac, Toh Zi Cong, Joanne Chew Enyi, Venus Chua Gek Siang, Faranizah Oz, Sabrin Masil and Anna Leena.

The top 10 then took part in the Grand Finale show.  The pageant started with a group performance from all the finalists. At this time, the audience had already enthusiastically begun shouting the names of their favourite contestants.

Then, the talent show began. All the performances were wonderful and some performances had stunts I have not seen before. There were two talents that the contestants could not perform on stage but they showed us their videos. The first video was spray painting by Anna Leena. A beautiful painting was produced by spraying a coating of different colours. It required a special technique and the end result was stunning. The second video showed some pool trick shots by Goh Shi Da. Did you know he got into the top eight  for the under 21 category in National Snooker Championship 2013?

I was amazed by all his super cool shots like the Finger Pool and the 4-Ball Shot. These were the two special performances I still remember.
Spray Painting Video Showcase by Anna Leena
After the Talent Show, a catwalk and a Question & Answer session followed.  Although they were not professional models, they did their best on the catwalk.

In the Question & Answer session, one of the questions asked was:  “If you were given one minute to give a positive impression, what would you do?”

Contestant, Toh Zi Cong, who picked the question randomly, immediately answered, “I’ll greet, smile and say thank you,” while demonstrating to the emcee at the same time. The audience laughed and enjoyed this humorous moment.

The pageant lasted for about two hours and the results were finally announced.
The winners!
As you know, Fund Management & Administration student Goh Shi Da and Sport & Wellness Management student Sabrin Masil were crowned the winners. As you might have guessed, singing is Sabrin’s talent, and her beautiful rendition of “I see fire” by Ed Sheeran won my heart too.

I got to know Sabrin Masil after the pageant through Facebook, and asked her about her experience.

Said Sabrin, “It all started because I happened to see the GeneratioNYP booth just outside the atrium. I had no intention of joining but my friends encouraged me and so I signed up in the end.”

I believe she was glad to have had her friends and what they did that fateful day. She also hopes readers will join this year's GeneratioNYP because it has been an exciting ride filled with joy, anxiety, new amazing friends, challenges and a reality check that beauty is not all that matters.

The final performance had all the winners and volunteers from NYP Ambassadorial Team and Students’ Union performing together.

The others winners include:
1st runner up (male) : Yang Jie Isaac
1st runner up (female): Venus Chua Gek Siang
Mr. Congeniality : Toh Zi Cong
Ms. Congeniality : Anna Leena
Mr. Photogenic : Goh Shi Da
Ms. Photogenic : Faranizah Oz
Best Dress : Odelle Sabrin Masil
Best Talent : Yang Jie Isaac
Merit : Lionel Lim Yi Xing, Toh Zi Cong, Cheng Boontien, Joanne Chew Enyi, Anna Leena, Faranizah Oz

Congratulations to all the winners! I look forward to next GeneratioNYP!

By Kiong Xiang Yi, Year 3, Diploma in Digital and Precision Engineering


Xiang Yi likes reading and travelling.  He is new to writing articles. He believes in the saying, "if you are determined to learn, no one can stop you". His dream is to travel around the world and explore it, make new friends and try new things. Being involved in SEG Club and other CCAs, he knows that going through challenging experiences can make him a stronger person and help him take on more challenges in the future.

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