Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We Amplify Our Ideas Through Design

 Over the term break, NYP's School of Design held its annual graduation show which spanned three days (11 to 13 March) at the National Library. Titled UNIT14: AMPLIFIED, the exhibition showcased works from about 160 graduates from the Diplomas in Industrial Design, Space & Interior Design and Visual Communication.

This year's concept was the amplification of ideas, hopes and dreams by the graduating cohort. Being a Visual Communication student myself, I decided to drop by with a few classmates to show support to our fellow seniors as well as gain inspiration and advice for our future projects.

This awesome installation greeted us at the entrance of the exhibition.

Members of the public viewing works put up by SDN students!

“Recharge Box” by Space & Interior Design student Nyssa Tien Li Yin. This model features a series of hanging boxes designed to allow fatigued bus drivers to crawl into them and take naps during their breaks. What a way to recharge!

This eye-catching corporate identity collateral for Air Asia was done by Visual Communication student Amalia Ghasani Mizanina. It features giveaways for homesick international students to allow them to travel back to their respective homeland without burning a hole in their pockets.

“BabyJohn” by Industrial Design student Lim Ri Choon. Designed to improve the usability of a baby carrier, it is hassle-free and can be easily put on with minimal effort. Judging from the cheerful toddler in the picture, it definitely looks like it was designed for comfort.

“Terrain-ing” by Space & Interior Design student Alena Wong Xiu He. This project aims to enliven the Pearl's Hill area by using its natural terrain as an outdoor gym for all ages. Definitely something we urbanites need!

“We Love Pleasant Rides” by Visual Communication student Chew Poh Yong aims to educate kids about the importance of public transport etiquette, with the help of two mascots named Caresy and Careny. Activity books would be distributed by bus drivers and MRT staff. Well-behaved kids would even be rewarded with badges. How cool is that?

This futuristic-looking contraption is the “JG-X413” by Industrial Design student Joseph Isaac Cunanan De Guzman. It is designed to seamlessly lift your car with ease using a power jack system. Say goodbye to the old cranking scissor jacks!

Probably the quirkiest piece of work I saw that day, “Mr Gong De Sing” is by Visual Communication student Huang Shunhao. He used the strict image of a Chinese grandfather as a deterrent for inconsiderate behavior when using public bathrooms. Here's a fun fact: “Gong De Sing” means having a spirit of civil consciousness in Mandarin.

Overall, we were immensely impressed by the works put up by the students and the great amount of effort put into them. Some of the seniors even approached us to give a detailed explanation of their projects. We left the exhibition feeling inspired to come up with our own  ideas for our upcoming Final Year Projects.

Year Three is coming up soon, and I say bring it on!


By Muhammad Isa bin Norhadi, Diploma in Visual Communication, Year 3

Isa is doing his Diploma in Visual Communication. He enjoys cooking, photography and surfing the Internet during his free time.

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