Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Eight Best Hidden Food Finds at NYP

The lunch crowds are crazy and it can be quite difficult to have a proper sit-down meal at the canteens during lunchtime. Even L’Rez is fully booked! What’s a hungry person to do in this situation? Check out eight of our best food finds and takeaway options in NYP!

1. Sushi & Spicy Ramen from the Japanese stall at Koufu
When it comes to Sushi, there’s only one place to get my fix from – Koufu! The Japanese stall at Koufu is the only stall that sells Sushi in NYP. It’s the perfect takeaway option for those who love Tamago and Ebiko Sushi. The only problem is that they sell out fast! Be sure to get there early to pick up all your favourite Sushi before it is all gone!

If you are able to find a seat at Koufu, check out the Spicy Ramen! The good texture of the Ramen noodles complements the clear and spicy soup. It’s perfect for rainy weather or a mega long lecture in a cold lecture theatre.

2. Nuggets from South Canteen Muslim stall

Who doesn't love nuggets? Some say these are even better than the nuggets at McDonald’s. This stall is well known for its nuggets and wedges. You can see students queuing up at any time to buy a bagful of warm crisp tender nuggets or wedges. They are really cheap too! $1 gets you five flavourful filling nuggets! Need we say more?

3. Takoyaki Balls from South Canteen

$1.90 gets you three warm and satisfying takoyaki balls in a yellow box. The grilled balls of flour batter contain delicious octopus or prawn fillings. Choose your preferred filling, or if you can’t decide, you can ask the aunty or uncle to give you both. They are really friendly too!

4. Banana & Avocado Milkshake from the juice shop at North Canteen

It is probably the only canteen stall that sells milkshakes. The stall’s $1.20 banana milkshake is cold, soothing, and yummy! A good perk me up before or between classes. It's healthy too!

5. Lok Lok Stall at Fast Food Canteen

Spicy hot soup with an accompaniment of skewered food such as fishballs, quail eggs, tofu, mushroom balls, Taiwan sausage, and much more is available here. It’s very much like spicy hot pot, except it’s on a much smaller scale. Choose your favourite skewered food options and the aunty from this small pushcart stall will happily prepare the items for you in a cup topped with hot spicy soup. Shiok!

6. Cup Corn stall at North and South Canteen

The first kiosk at South Canteen sells all sorts of Taiwanese inspired snacks. But our favourite is the cup corn. The buttery, crunchy corn is warm, satisfying, and really fills you up when you’re hungry. The portion is quite generous too. It’s also available at the North Canteen, at the Muah Chee and Kueh Tutu stall!

7. Prata from the Indian Stall at North Canteen

If you like something a little more filling, try the tasty and crispy prata at the North Canteen Indian Stall. The chicken curry is also delicious. There’s a wide variety of pratas, thosais, and murtabaks to choose from. Take your pick!

8) Mushroom soup at South Canteen 
What mushroom soup? If you have never heard of this, don’t worry, it’s easy to miss this stall tucked away behind the drinks stall at South Canteen. The mushroom soup pot occupies a space next to the dessert area. Each serving costs $1.50. It’s creamy with the distinct taste of button mushrooms. If you love Campbell soup, you would love this.


Many of you have been asking for waffles to be featured, so here it is! There are three waffles stalls in NYP, one in South Canteen, one in North Canteen, and Fast Food canteen. Our favourite by far is the one at North Canteen, with its multitude of unique flavours!

Have any food secrets to share? Tell us!


  1. What about Kaki Fuyong o.O?

  2. curry chicken noodle from south canteen

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    2. The word "Hidden" is not to be taken literally. There are a few definitions of the word. If you do not know, please refer to the dictionary.

  4. What about the waffles stall at North Canteen?? The waffles are my favourite!!

    1. Yeah we missed out on the waffles! Don't worry, you'll see it soon!

  5. OMG so much good food and suprise to see the Japanese stall to be still operating.

    Alumnus of '96-'00

    1. The uncle drives a BMW so I would say they are doing pretty good LOL

  6. ...I like the hot water tap at L4 M block. Cause after hours,when you're stuck in school overnight, It becomes your best friend,along with that nice big bowl of cup noodles XD

  7. Home cooked food beats all

  8. The takoyaki is pricy. I can get 6 takoyakis @ $2 at pasar malam hahaha

  9. Most stalls are not halal. NYP pls

  10. How about the Lor Mee in south canteen? Now this is what we call "hidden"..!

  11. Do more food editions articles please!