Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ideas Aplenty at SHS Student Conference 2014!

The 10th of March 2014 was a long awaited day for the graduating students from the School of Health Sciences (SHS). The SHS Student Conference 2014 was held on this day to celebrate the talent and inventiveness of our third year SHS students, who showcased their Final Year Projects. It took one whole semester for them to see these projects to fruition.

Industry professionals, project supervisors and project judges were present at the conference. Associate Professor Pang Weng Sun, Vice Dean (Clinical Affairs) of Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine and Chairman of Yishun Community Hospital delivered the keynote speech.

The event was divided into two sections: an oral presentation and an exhibition. In the first segment, groups of students presented their final year projects to the audience. I was introduced to ideas such as Famitopia™, a game aimed to foster familial ties among family members, and the Universal Image Receptor Holder, which helps to simplify the process of capturing an axio-lateral hip X-ray.
A prototype of the Universal Image Receptor Holder and an explanation of how it works
As technical as the latter might sound, I was very impressed with the team’s working prototype of their idea. It was good to see the team’s commitment to their work and I was sure the judges had noticed it too.

Team Famitopia™
As I walked about the foyer, intrigued by the work presented by my peers, I was drawn to three projects: A study on the mouthwash usage and preference, Liberase and the EZget: The Smart Vending Machine.

All the presentations and exhibits were also judged later in the day, and I’m happy to say that all three projects were winners in their respective categories.

The first project that piqued my interest was a study conducted by Diploma in Dental Hygiene & Therapy students. They wanted to find out more about mouthwash usage and preferences among NYP students. Results from the study revealed that most students failed to use mouthwash mainly because they were unaware of its benefits. The group recommends that there should be more public awareness about mouthwash usage.

Students from the Diploma in Dental Hygiene and Therapy with their poster. 
Liberase - Love Without Scars is a resource package designed by students from the Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work).

According to the group, the word “Liberase” means to break free. They explained that the rainbow coloured collaterals were handmade, and will aid professionals who are dealing with victims of child abuse. The package was elaborate and definitely made with love. It spans from laminated hand drawn cards to hand sewn bags where the resources are kept. At the end of a counselling session, the professional will encourage the parent and child to come together to build a kaleidoscope with the materials. Liberase aims to show victims of abuse that pain is not permanent.

EZget: The Smart Vending Machine is an intelligent vending machine conceived by the Diploma in Nursing students. The concept is simple: to provide Over-The-Counter medicine anytime, at the convenience of customers. The machine can be placed in areas with little or no pharmacies. Buyers will have to present their identity card first before making a purchase. The medicine is likely to be packaged into small doses as a safety precaution as well. EZget has a holding capacity of between 330-2000 items.
The prototype of Ezget and the team behind its concept
The humbling afternoon saw some impressive projects produced  by our students over the past semester. It was a display of passion and commitment which bowled over many of our industry guests. The various projects presented by our health sciences students were certainly borne from the desire to improve the lives of people all around us, and I’m definitely grateful to be able to see them all.

By Chua Khai Woon (Year 3, Diploma in Banking and Financial Services)


Khai Woon is a Year 3 student pursuing a diploma in Banking and Financial Services. Watching movies and reading are among some of her hobbies. Above all, she enjoys listening to music and likes writing.  She is also a member of the NYP Symphony Orchestra. She believes life should be unpredictable; because that is the only way it will be exciting.

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