Monday, April 21, 2014

My Two (and a half) Year Adventure In NYP

Venturing the School of Design's hallways with lab coats.
Itis funny how fast time flies. I've spent two and a half years in NYP but it feels like only yesterday was my first day in school. What an adventure it has been; the countless friends I've made, the numerous assignments and projects I've tackled , the friendly lecturers who have taught me a lot, and not forgetting the scrumptious food I've savoured at the school canteens. Feelings of nostalgia and distant memories bring me back to the times when I first received  the results of my course admission.

I remember it was around 6 in the morning on my way to work when I received the message regarding my posting to Diploma in Visual Communication in NYP. I was elated as it was one of my course choices.

Months later, the moment I  waited for had arrived ─ the first day of school. On entering the campus, I found myself lost, almost immediately. The small and modest secondary school, I had spent a few years in, was no match for a gigantic and expansive polytechnic like NYP. I aimlessly walked through a labyrinth of hallways as I struggled to search for the classroom I was told to report to for my very first lesson. Finally, with the help of a passers-by, I managed to find my way.

As I took my first steps into the class, I realised that most of the seats were already taken. Being the slight introvert that I am, I felt rather nervous as I attempted to find a seat in an ocean of unfamiliar faces. We began the lesson by introducing ourselves. Each of us took turns to stand up and tell the class a little  about ourselves and what we hoped to achieve in this new chapter of our lives. All tensions were lost once we learned about one another and our past experiences. We slowly familiarised ourselves with our new environment. The air-conditioned rooms and the other modern amenities were also some things I grew to enjoy. One thing I loved about Poly life was that I no longer had to wear a uniform!

 Paper toys which we made during one of our first few lessons!
Over the following days, most of us  gotten to know each other better and made friends. Along with the new friends came new lecturers, who gave us a head-start in poly life by briefing us about the various rules we have to abide in school as well as tips on how to excel academically during our three years here. Through their lessons with us, they took us to the wonderful world of design. I felt really intrigued by the things I learned day to day and felt motivated to think of thekind of ideas I could come up with for my assignments.

 Drawing classes with Mr Ng.

I began to love Poly life more and more each day and I always looked forward to coming to school every morning. Of course, there were times I encountered difficulties. I started to feel the pressure of the assignments piling up mercilessly. By this time, my caffeine level hit the roof as I struggled to stay awake from day to night, trying to complete my assignments. There were moments I came to school feeling like a zombie as I did not sleep a wink the night before. The stress and lethargy I experienced pushed me on the verge of giving up. However, I learned to adapt to this lifestyle and told myself to stay strong.
Countless excursions we've been on so far. An excursion to the Hermes Exhibition at the Old Tanjong Pagar Railway station (above) and the Peranakan Museum (below).
It turned out that my efforts paid off! I attained a GPA of 3.35 for my first semester. I never expected that I would get a score like that and I was motivated to do better for my following semesters.
Dressed smartly for presentation day!
Many opportunities came my way as the days went by, especially as I moved on to Year 2. One of my favourite works is a mooncake packaging design I didthat was nominated for design competitions. I began to feel like my work was starting to getrecognised and appreciated and I felt really proud of that.

Besides studies, NYP also helped me to realise that I should also contribute to the less fortunate in society. One of the biggest opportunities I seized was my recent volunteering trip to Cambodia, which the School of Design had organised. The two week adventure was an eye-opening experience for me, as I learned to help others  in need as well as establish closer bonds with my schoolmates. It was truly an experience I would never forget.
The mooncake packaging I created which was nominated for Star Packaging Awards 2013.
Blending in with the locals during the Cambodia trip.
My journey in NYP has truly been a remarkable one. I personally feel that my experience here has shaped me into  a better and more productive person, thereby preparing me for the working world. It has made me more diligent and hardworking, traits which I did not have before I came here. It has also taught me to seize any opportunity that comes my way while learning from my mistakes, which allows me to improve myself. I look forward to spending the rest of my time here in NYP as I continue my learning journey.

If you're looking for a once-in-a-lifetime poly experience, choose Nanyang Polytechnic. Who knows what kind of endless opportunities and experiences await you here?
By Muhammad Isa bin Norhadi, Diploma in Visual Communication, Year 3

Isa is doing his Diploma in Visual Communication. He enjoys cooking, photography and surfing the Internet during his free time.

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