Friday, May 23, 2014

My Study Trip to Hong Kong

Visiting CNN!
We boarded the plane and off we went to Hong Kong! Now that I think back about it, that week flew by quickly; spending six days and five nights in a foreign country with your course mates and lecturers, visiting and trying out new things! You get to bond with your course mates from all three years and share how school life has been for yourself and laugh over all the silly moments you had in school.

As students from NYP’s Mass Media Management course, we got the chance to visit companies like FOX International Channels & Turner. Being able to see professionals at work gave us an inside view of  working in the media industry. I felt privileged to have  professionals share their experiences and wisdom with us, the upcoming generation of media professionals. It proved to us that sometimes what you study in school might not apply in the working world because everything is constantly changing. You got to be quick on your feet and  alert at all times. One statement, which was constantly mentioned by our host from the companies, was, “ As long you have the drive and the passion, you can do great things in this industry.”

It was not all work and no play. We also managed to do some siteseeing. We went to places like The Peak @ Hong Kong and walked the crowded streets.. What’s more, you are with your friends making it all the  better!

As for attractions, we went to Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disney Land. It seemed childish at first, but taking the rides brought out the inner child in us.. We played and took photos just like any child who is amazed at being in an amusement park would. Even our lecturers went into “kid’s mode”!

And of course, all great trips must come to an end. Soon, we were back in Singapore, back to school and back to studying! Nevertheless, this short get-away  was filled with knowledge, fun and a whole lot of laughter. Those memories will surely be kept in my heart.

A note to all students thinking of going for overseas trip, you might find the price a bomb or perceive the destination a boring place. However, you can’t be sure until you yourself have been there! If given the opportunity, do take it! The experience on the trip will definitely be unforgettable!

Walking the streets of Hong Kong

Visiting the local Hong Kong TV stations, Phoenix

Group Photo at the University of Hong Kong

Great travel mates and great places to visit!

Cable car ride with an amazing view

At Metro Broadcast, trying to look like real radio DJs

Written By: Theophilus Kee Ern, Year 2, Diploma in Mass Media Management

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