Wednesday, May 14, 2014

NYPCO Alumni Wows Audience in First Public Performance

It was the first public performance by our NYP Chinese Orchestra (NYPCO) alumni members! About 30 members gathered at the Esplanade’s Concourse Area to perform three sets of their repertoire, titled “Oriental Melodies II” on the evening of 23rd March, Sunday. The performance was a great success and as many as 150 passers-by stopped to watch the performers in action.

There were six songs in each set; many of the experienced alumni not only participated in the performance, but also taught many of the current members, who were present, the different performing techniques and methods. This promoted bonding between the junior and senior members as well as enabled the seniors to share their experiences with the current members.

The audience ranged from tourists to locals, and also included children and the elderly. Many people even sat down and listened to us during our sound check. The six songs played during each set include:

1) A Stroll in Su Ti (Performed by ensemble);
2) River Water (Guan Zi Solo);
3) Jasmine Aroma (Gu Zheng Duet);
4) Boats Rowing (Di Zi Quartet);
5) Horse Racing (Er Hu Ensemble);
6) The Beautiful Zhang Brocade (Performed by ensemble);

I feel that these pieces were representative of the history of NYPCO, and I feel proud that our alumni members presented themselves well.

I usually play the double bass, but on that day, I was in charge of logistics.  Even though I was not playing, I was glad to see the audience so delighted and thrilled when the orchestra was performing, especially when the Er Hu Ensemble was performing the “赛马”(Horse Racing) piece.

The NYPCO was well received by the public. We also interacted with the audience during and after the performance, as some of them approached us to find out more about the instruments we were using or how to play them.

I felt that this performance was a success.  It was truly a heart-warming sight to see so many supporters and members turning up, and I know that the alumni members’ effort to come back to practise during weekends and weekday nights had paid off.

It may be the first NYPCO alumni performance, but it certainly will not be the last!

By Aaron Seat, NYPCO committee member

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