Thursday, June 26, 2014

I Appreciate@SIT

Recently, Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) held a campus-wide appreciation campaign called I Appreciate, where both students and staff can show their appreciation by posting appreciation notes. I am from the School of Information Technology (SIT), and here is what I observed from the SIT “I Appreciate” campaign.

How does I Appreciate @ SIT work?

The I Appreciate SIT campaign actually works like this: Each class was given some multi-coloured sticky notes, and students have to pen down their appreciation on the sticky notes and paste them on a black board as creatively as possible.

All the classes were also competing for the best designed board (as determined by on-site voting and Facebook voting). If their board is selected, the entire class wins movie tickets.

Here are some creative entries submitted by students from different diplomas.

Diploma in Information Technology

Made by class IT1307

Made by class IT1204

Diploma in Business Informatics
Made by class BI1307

Made by class BI1202

Made by class BI1204

Made by class BI1208

Diploma in Financial Informatics

Made by class FI1303

Made by class FI1401

Diploma in Engineering Informatics

Made by class EI1302

Made by class EI1406

Made by class EI1203

Made by class EI1201

And this is mine!

Diploma in Information Security

Made by class IS1402

Diploma in Business Enterprise IT

Made by class BT1402

Made by class BT1403

Made by class BT1202

Made by class BT1203

Diploma in Business Analytics

Made by class BA1202

Made by class BA1403

Unique I Appreciate notes

As you can see, IT students are really creative! All these pictures are solid proof.

This campaign really made me think about what I should be appreciative of. Although the campaign is over, that doesn’t mean that we can’t show our appreciation anymore. Try saying ‘thank you’ and telling the special people in your life how much you appreciate them! It will make a world of difference to them!

By Hanafi Bin Sedik, Year 2, Diploma in Engineering Informatics

I like to spend my free time and weekends exploring various places around Singapore, taking long walks at public parks and eating delicious food. Not only that, I also like to make videos, write on my personal blog and hang out with my awesome friends and family. I wish to work at a major software company and start my own production company in the future.

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