Monday, June 16, 2014

Why Pema Applied for NYP’s Direct Polytechnic Admission Exercise

Not sure if the Direct Polytechnic Admission (DPA) exercise is for you? Well, it may help to hear what Pema Lim, a second year student in the Diploma of Nursing at NYP, has to say.

1. Tell us why you chose Nursing, and how you decided on applying to NYP through the Direct Polytechnic Admission (DPA) exercise.
I’ve been fascinated with Nursing ever since I was studying in Loyang Secondary School. My mom is a cardiac technician, and she would tell us stories about her experiences in the clinic, and I’ve always been interested in, and impressed with, what the nurses did.  I began to find out more about the course and learnt about the NYP School of Health Sciences.

And, NYP had the course I was keen on, which is Nursing, and I was drawn to the NYP brand as I knew I could get plenty of practical hands-on experience. So I decided to apply for the DPA in order to secure a spot in the course I wanted! After going through the interview, I was even more motivated to achieve better results for my O level.

2. Was the Poly Preparatory Programme (PPP) useful?
It was definitely beneficial as it allowed me to have a head-start and adapt to the curriculum before the actual semester started. I was taught a fair share of the basics for my course, including some modules which were quite eye-opening. Furthermore, I was granted credit transfer for some of the modules as well! Throughout the PPP journey, I was given opportunities to work with students from other courses and gain an understanding of the different aspects of their courses, as well as life in NYP. It was certainly a memorable experience!

From 2016, EAE has replaced the DPA route, and successful applicants are no longer required to go through the Polytechnic Preparatory Programme. Instead, they will begin school in April with students from the JAE route.

3. Are you involved in any CCAs?
Being a member of the School of Health Sciences (SHS) club and Student Union (SU) has created numerous opportunities for me to widen my social network. I am also involved in voluntary activities and NYP events such as the Open House. It’s a wonderful time to bond with the other members.

4. How has your experience in NYP been so far?
Every day seems to be very interesting as the content of lessons is new to me, especially the Nursing skills I’m acquiring. There’s sufficient time for everyone in the class to practice on the skills, so fret not! Furthermore, labs can be booked if you require more self-practice to become competent in that particular skill.

Attachment for nursing students starts in Year One, and we are placed in hospital wards with various disciplines. Being in different disciplines has exposed me to the diverse skills needed to provide care for patients with distinct conditions. I am able to put into practice the skills I have learned, in the actual clinical setting. During the attachment, I also overcame some obstacles such as communication skills where I had to learn to be more tactful with my words. I’ve also learned how to show empathy towards patients and to imagine myself in their shoes, and the care I would want.

In the classroom, I’ve developed better teamwork and communication skills, which are much needed in our group work and presentations. I’ve also grown to be more resourceful as the majority of our assignments are research-based which requires us to gather information from articles, journals and e-resources.

5. What kind of challenges do you face?
With a large cohort of more than 600 students, it does get quite competitive. Everyone is striving to get good grades, and this pushes me to work harder too. However, I have to remind myself that it is not just academic grades which are important, but the practical skills and ability to care which we have to master too.

There was also a culture shock when I did my attachment, and I had to perform tasks such as cleaning up patients. But all nurses, no matter what level, have to go through this at some point in their career. There is a reason that I am doing this, which is to help patients who cannot perform these tasks by themselves. I also try to my best to be professional and put them at ease, as some of them do feel embarrassed about it.

6. Would you recommend the DPA to your juniors?
Absolutely! For those who are enthusiastic about the course which they are interested in, I’d strongly encourage you to sign up for the DPA. It not only provides you with an opportunity to study what you are passionate about but also gives you a head start in your journey at NYP.

Good luck! 

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