Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Afternoon blast at the Atrium

The 16th of July 2014 seemed like a normal day to many students at NYP. They woke up early, got ready and went to school. However, when they took the escalator up from the Yio Chu Kang MRT walkway to the NYP Atrium, they received a pleasant surprise. They saw  stage crew around setting up the stage for a Lunchtime Concert organised by the Student Affairs Office.

Stage crew setting up the stage 
 As I did not have classes that day, I caught most of the performances. I arrived at 12pm, in time to catch our SoundCard members launch the concert. They were strumming their guitars and singing beautifully. A crowd immediately formed and, soon, cheers filled the Atrium. The atmosphere was fun as the singers belted out songs with great enthusiasm.

After the crowd was warmed up, YouTube stars Elli Ong (Philippines) and Danny Yee (Singapore) appeared on stage, singing some hit songs such as Treasure, Stay the Night and A Thousand Years. They were representing MediaCorp’s new “Disrupt!” channel. The songs they sang were my favourite songs! And, their voices are amazing.
Danny and Elli performing Stay the night.
The next item was our own talented Foreign Bodies!! They danced to various genres such as Hip-hop, Whacking, B-boy, House, Dance Club, Locking and Popping. I had a difficult time deciding which I liked best. Maybe, Whacking? One fun fact that I learnt was that even though Whacking looks feminine, the dance was created by a few guys!

Foreign Bodies was definitely the highlight of the day. A huge audience had built up , trying to catch a glimpse of our truly talented dancers.

Student dancers performing whacking, a dance genre

Next, it was the turn for Jack and Rai to shine as they performed songs for the NEA Eco Music Challenge. They were naturals on stage with their guitars and they captivated the audience with their vocals. They even held a Q&A session and a selected few in the audience walked away with amazing freebies for each correct answer. If you have a strong passion for the environment and wish to express yourself musically, check out the Eco Music Challenge at http://nea.ecomusic.sg. The songwriter with the best “green” song will win a whopping $5,000!
Jack and Rai on stage

After that, there were more performances by our students, such as a martial arts performance by the Taekwondo members. They showed off their moves and kicks, even smashing tiles with their bare hands and legs. There was also a percussion performance by the Percussion Ensemble as they performed their rendition of songs such as Katy Perry’s Firework and Maroon 5’s Moves like Jagger. By far, this was one of my favourite performances since I really like the music and the performers certainly did not disappoint! I’m already looking forward to their next performance.

Then the StageArts performers came on stage, performing a short skit on the environment that was comical yet educational. The skit conveyed the message that we should preserve the environment, and throwing our rubbish around will eventually kill the oxygen-rich plants and trees around us.

La Ballroom taking the stage with a bright smile

The La Ballroom En Masse performed next and their short performance was spectacular. Last but not least, the Soundcard members took to the stage again and concluded the wonderful concert with their sweet vocals.

Soundcard ending the day with their soothing vocals

The concert was a wonderful experience and I would definitely watch it again if I have the chance.

By Kris Lee, Year 2, Diploma In Fund Management & Administration

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