Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Giving Public Members a Glimpse to What NYP Has to Offer

While our students were competing in WorldSkills Singapore 2014, another group of NYP staff members were also busy, during the days of the competition, giving members of the public a glimpse of what NYP has to offer in terms of our courses.

WorldSkills Singapore’s main organiser, ITE, had requested for the polytechnics to set up these booths and workshops in order to attract secondary school and polytechnic students, as well as public members to visit the competition sites.

NYP set up two booths from 10 to 12 July. SIT set up a booth called “Brain Games Powered by Microsoft Office.”  It offered brain teasers and games using Microsoft Office Tools and Applications.

All set and raring to go!

SIT’s booth enabled visitors to try out teasers and games.
The second booth by SEG was called “3D Printing of Turbo Fan Prototype.” It showcased a huge 2.5-metre high aerospace turbo fan prototype which was built on additive manufacturing techniques. The exhibit attracted a constant stream of curious visitors.  In fact, some of them even posed with the fan for selfies!

The SEG booth attracted a steady stream of curious visitors.
The SEG booth also attracted the attention of the WorldSkills Singapore organisers.  Hence, during the Opening of WorldSkills Singapore, Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Teo Chee Hean, visited the booth as one of his stops during his tour of the competition sites and booths.

Deputy Prime Minister Mr Teo Chee Hean (centre) taking a closer look at SEG’s  3D Printing of Turbo Fan Prototype.
Then on Saturday 12 July, another four workshops, conducted by NYP staff members, were opened to public members.  These 1.5-hour workshops, each conducted twice, were well received and fully-subscribed, with about 20 to 50 participants per workshop. Here’s a closer look at each workshop:

Computer-Based Training Courseware for Nursing Education (SHS)
This SHS workshop attracted many families, with children in tow. Visitors at the workshop had the chance to view the interactive courseware, which offers a tour of a virtual ward, monitoring of vital signs like pulse and respiration.  They also received hands-on experience on dressing wounds, as well as the monitoring of pulse, respiration and blood pressure.

Workshop participants getting their blood pressure tested.

Fun With Networking (SIT)

The SIT workshop was highly popular, with interested participants turning up way before the starting times of the workshops at 11 am and 3 pm.  In fact, for the second workshop, all seats were snapped up by 2.30 pm, half an hour before its starting time!

At the workshop, participants learnt the concepts behind wireless technology and how to go about setting up their own home networks with smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Said SIT lecturer Arthi Chandrasekaran, who conducted the sessions: “There was a wide range of participants from different ages, from young people to senior citizens. I felt that the workshops benefited them, because they learnt the basics of setting up a wireless network at home, and were more aware of security issues pertaining to such networks.”
Full house! Participants without seats stood at the back of the class, or peered from the windows outside the class.

Participants were keen to ask questions of SIT lecturer, Arthi Chandrasekaran, who conducted the sessions.
Build a Mini Drone! (SEG)

The SEG workshop attracted a crowd of children and adults, all keen to learn how to assemble a mini drone.  The workshop comes in two parts: the first part was done in a classroom setting, as Assistant Manager Albert Sng covered the design and working principles behind a mini drone. Participants then had the hands-on experience of constructing a quadcopter, with the help of the NYP team which included two DTs and a student.

Fixing up the different components requires lots of patience!
For the second half of the class, participants went to an outdoor location, where they had the chance to control and fly the autonomous aerial vehicle.

Flying our drone at the tennis court! Participants were thrilled that they managed to control the flight path of the mini drone.
Classic Sweets with a Twist (SBM & SCL)

The fourth and final workshop demonstrated how two classic desserts – Fraiser and chocolate ganache cake – can be done in a modern way.  The Fraiser is French style cake with fresh strawberries.   This was served in an unusual manner in small glasses, while the chocolate ganache cake was served on lollipop sticks.

The workshops attracted many female participants, with a number of them asking questions and taking down notes for future reference.

Said workshop participant Madam Doris Lim, a retiree who lives at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1: “The desserts are done in a very interesting manner.  For example, the strawberry cake is created in a glass, something that I see at buffet spreads but never truly appreciated the hard work which goes into creating them.   I have certainly picked up useful tips in this workshop, which I will share with my daughter so that she can try making these desserts.”
SBM lecturer Tammy Fan demonstrates the art of making strawberry Fraiser cake.
Preparing the ingredients for demonstration.
A lollipop stick with fun toppings.
A participant tries her hand in making the strawberry Fraiser dessert.

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