Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jason Teoh, NYP’s Pride and a Singaporean with a Heart

Left: Jason Teo, Right: Screenshot from YouTube video
 He was on his way to MyVillage mall to withdraw some money when he was approached by Don Richmond, a musician and former DJ, to complete a three-question survey for a $5 incentive. Jason Teoh, a second year Manufacturing Engineering student decided to take up the offer. After the survey, an elderly man in a wheelchair approached him with tissue packets for sale. Instead of just purchasing a packet of tissues, the kind-hearted Jason decided to donate all of his earnings to the elderly man. What Jason did not know was that he was being secretly filmed and the video with his gesture would go viral on YouTube.

The YouTube video is titled “Do Singaporeans Have a Heart?” The video shows Don conducting a social experiment and approaching several people with the same survey. Jason was one of a few people who decided to give his money away.

“I was going to keep the $5, but the old man came forward at that moment,” he said. “Tissue isn’t usually so expensive and so the lady with him asked me how much I wanted to donate. I decided to give everything since I earned the money with so little effort.”

NYP’s Communications & Outreach department was alerted to the video when a Twitter follower had shared it with the NYPTweets account, which it manages. The video showed a brief glimpse of Jason and his “Team NYP Badminton” T-shirt at 1:33 seconds. A check with the Student Affairs Office revealed that Jason was the NYP student in the video. He is also the Vice-Captain of the NYP Badminton team.

According to Jason, the incident happened about two weeks ago. He did notice a lady holding a small video camera standing nearby when he was approached, but he did not think she had anything to do with the survey.

Although Jason usually tries to buy tissue packets from tissue sellers, he tends to be wary about donations.

“There are too many people in Singapore asking for donations. I can’t tell the genuine from the fake.  However, if I really feel that the person needs help, I will fork out the money,” he said. “Most people asking for donations are able bodied, so I am wary about donating to them because they can find their own work.”

Well, Jason need not worry about his $5 donation, because the filming crew explained to him that the money he donated will go towards the betterment of the elderly man’s village in Malaysia.

We think Jason’s gesture is a sweet one and he certainly deserves our commendation. Well done, Jason! NYP is proud of you.


  1. Well done, Jason.
    You may not realise what you have done, but you will definitely be blessed.
    If only you know the merits of sharing....... you will never again eat a grain of rice without first sharing it (with someone else who need it more than you).

  2. You deserve your credit SO MUCH!