Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Challenging Entrepreneurship Day

 It all came down to this, a mere 15 minutes on a Saturday morning.

As we stood in front of our panel of judges, it dawned upon us that a semester’s work was geared towards this. After countless sleepless nights and disagreements among teammates, our presentation was over in what seemed like a blink of an eye.
Judges at a briefing
Entrepreneurship Day (ED) 2014 was held on the 2nd of August. It is one of the many educational platforms that the School of Business Management (SBM) provides for students taking the Entrepreneurship module to allow them to learn things in an innovative and creative way. This year, over 500 final year students, including myself, pitched their business ideas to several panels of judges.

There were 40 industry judges present, split into 20 different panels and locations. It was nerve-wrecking because we didn’t know who would judge us. And our presentation was worth 30% of our module grades.

As usual, everyone was dressed in formal attire; ladies wore skirts and blouses, while the men looked dapper in simple suits.

Despite being nervous on ED, our judges were incredibly pleasant and praised our idea and presentation skills. However, not everyone was let off the hook so easily. Some of my friends from the other classes had their financial highlights and marketing strategies quite critically scrutinized by the judges. Well, this is a taste of the real world. No matter how extraordinary one’s idea could be, the numbers have to add up and the ideas have to be feasible.
Me (in pink) and my team
My team came up with the idea of an automated medication dispenser designed to improve medical adherence and assist caregivers in ensuring that patients take their medication on time. In theory, it may seem rather dry and boring, but when it came down to all the research and strategizing, needless to say, it was an exhausting process. Who knew there would be so many regulations and health safety standards surrounding the consumer healthcare industry? Well, thankfully we did our due diligence and were able to answer questions posed to us by the judges that day.

Some of my other friends and their teams came up with product ideas like a laptop cooling pad, a bottle that stores syrups and powdered drinks, as well as a photo booth service that incorporates the latest “selfie” craze. Some Diploma in Food& Beverage Business students also came up with food concepts.

Now, I’m sure everyone has had their fair share of co-operative and uncooperative team members and looming deadlines, but it’s important to take note how we learn and grow from this. According to my course mate Nadia Ervina, she learnt to be patient and to persevere even in difficult circumstances. It made her a stronger person.

Even though this project is a fundamental and formative part of life at NYP, most students were excited to finally submit and present their work.

This learning experience could not have been accomplished without the help from our caring lecturers and tutors, Ms Karen Chia, Mr Daryl Lim, Ms Catherine Ang and Mr Daniel Lim.

By Pavani Jeyathasan Krishnan, Diploma in Accountancy & Finance

When Pavani is not attending lectures or tutorials, you would probably find her browsing through books at the Library.  Other than reading and writing, she also enjoys foreign films and television shows.

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