Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Fun Filled National Day Event at SEG!

SEG Club held its National Day Celebrations (NDC) at the Level 2 linkway from Block Q to Block S on Wednesday, 6th August 2014.
Students celebrated Singapore’s 49th Birthday by dedicating songs to their friends, participating in  quizzes, taking part in a lucky draw contest and enjoying  various festivities.
 Students were invited on stage to engage in  friendly competition with their peers in games like charades, balloon games, and more. There were also attractive prizes up for grabs! Winners received prizes like movie vouchers, flash drives and laptop sleeves.  

Stage games
Students certainly enjoyed the day. There was free ice cream, kacang puteh, and students could also have their photos taken at a photo booth. Those who had their photos taken received photo magnets as a memorable gift.
My NDC voucher and ice cream
There were also plenty of exciting performances by students from CCAs such as the Piano Ensemble, Guitar Club, La Ballroom En Masse, and Harmonica Ensemble. Even participants from NYP's Got Talent and students from the Sakuran Japanese Cultural Club were there to put up a show.
Piano Performance
A duet

There are many game booths along the linkway. Check out some of the games below.
This is a dart game that requires participants to hit the target board with magnetic darts
This pool game requires participants to hit three balls into the holes using the cue.
This cute Big Balloon game requires participants to blow up a balloon and use the air 
inside to blow away at least 18 out of 20 plastic cups on the table, within one minute.
 This Balls and Nuts game uses drinking straws and ping pong balls to 
test the patience of the participants and their balancing skills.
This Missile game requires participants to use toy guns to shoot the given targets.
This dice game requires participants to use the given plastic cups to pick up and 
stack dice on top of one another within a minute without using their hands.

Keep It Up is an Ultimate Frisbee game played against students from SEG club. In order to win the game, participants must be able to catch the Frisbee before it lands on the ground. 

If a student won at least six games, he or she could spin the Wheel of Fortune to win amazing prizes such as laptop sleeves, flash drives, notepads, and a customised teddy bear.
As the event came to a close, there was a flash mob by the students from SEG club. They danced to the song Tik Tok by Kesha.
All the students had a fun time during the SEG National Day Celebrations. It was an enjoyable event with spectacular performances and delicious food. If you missed this year’s event, don’t worry, there will be another one next year.

By Tay Jia Min, Year 2, Diploma in Electrical Engineering with Eco-Design 

Jia Min is doing her Diploma in Electrical Engineering with Eco- Design. Other than reading novels and watching television shows, she also enjoys folding origami and listening to music during her free time. 

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