Thursday, September 25, 2014

An Affinity for Crystals

 (Left) Aaron, and (in group photo), right at the back with some members of my crazy clique.

Aaron Toh from the Diploma in Marketing is the oldest member in my NYP clique and coincidentally shares the same alma mater as me – Geylang Methodist School. I remember initiating a chat with him as he did not belong to a clique then. You may think he is an awkward, shy and introverted person in class, but don’t be fooled by his cold exterior, he doesn’t bother to socialise if you do not share similar interests, but once you get to know him, his quirkiness will keep you intrigued.

Aaron was previously from LaSalle.  He chose to do a marketing diploma because marketing aids in his future development as a full time artist.Once I got to know him, my impression of him changed. He can be as lame as me yet amazingly talented in many ways. Being from LaSalle, his seemingly normal hands are able to produce art that I probably would not be able to produce in five years, much less the five hours he takes.

Some of Aaron’s art pieces
Concept: A baby is innocent, weak and  has wishful thinking. 
Clay model of Aaron

(Left) Aaron's mum in the 70s (28 years old) and on the right is K pop idol BOA

 Since the first day I saw his art on Facebook, I tried to stalk his art whenever I had insomnia (just joking). I admire his talent very much as I genuinely feel he is blessed.

Aaron is a hardworking and responsible young man, working on weekends to support his relatively expensive crystal hobby. Like a child trapped in an adult’s body, he is playful yet mature. A mother's greatest pride he is dependable brotherly friend to have.

Aaron also has a unique perspective on life. Being from an art school, he had the opportunity to draw nude models. Through interacting with the models, he learnt that they have their insecurities as well, Through that experience, he learnt to embrace his own vulnerabilities.

Whenever he is free, you will always find him holding and looking at his crystals.  He seems more interested in his crystals than pretty girls. I decided to interview him to satisfy my  curiosity.

Aaron even eats with his crystals. Apparently, they’re his dear babies.
1. As a naturally talented artist, how does your art and crystals correlate with each other?
I had a pretty rough yet memorable childhood during my growing years. Nature has always been my avenue of escape. It helps me sort out my conflicting thoughts. I'm a very visual person so visual art inspires me, it's also an avenue to express myself fully. It's natural that I would be drawn to sparkly and ethereal looking crystals. They remind me that we're all different, just like how each crystal is unique from another. They're symbolic to me.

2. What's so fascinating about crystals?
Crystals are formed naturally by Earth, their beauty is limitless. I'm still continually amazed by how Mother Earth is able to produce such splendid minerals.
Azurite malachite specimen
3. How do you connect with crystals?
Crystals are called so because of their uniform molecular crystalline structure. They have a cohesive structure whereas humans have an opposite structural makeup. Our cellular system is erratic in nature. I believe humans and everything around us are made up of energy as we are all made of atoms and molecules that vibrate at different frequencies. Hence, everything that has energy is energy. Crystals have a stable structure so I will usually connect with them by placing a piece between the palms of my hands. Then it creates an "energy circuit" through myself and the crystal. Crystals can balance my energetic system as I connect more with them.

4. Is your family interested in crystals?
Not really but I gift crystals to family and friends.
Auralite23 amethyst quartz
5. Do you expect your partner to share similar passions? 
Hmm, my intention of getting into a relationship is to create greater self-awareness and perspective of who I'm by loving another. Crystals are for the same purpose too, like every other experience we go through to know ourselves better. So I prefer to choose the continual realisation of myself through whatever I do.

6. Are you infuriated if people make fun of you staring at crystals?
It doesn't frustrate me unless he or she breaks my crystals, or make snide remarks, which has happened before.

7. How much do your crystals cost on average?
Generally, they vary greatly from a few to thousands of dollars. Rarity, availability, clarity and visual composition affect pricing. An average piece in my collection is about $60.

I never knew crystals could be so interesting. Did you?

Anandalite/iris quartz
By Chia Shu Zhen, Diploma in Marketing


Shu Zhen is a young budding writer who hopes to develop other interests, such as playing instruments, singing and writing. As reading magazines, storybooks and being a busybody has become a favourite activity to burn time, she hopes writing can be an outlet for her to express herself.

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