Monday, September 8, 2014

Invincible 2014: A Bonding Session for Social Work Students

The holidays are finally here after a whole semester of hard work, exams and projects! If you thought the semester was tough, wait till you see what we faced at the end of the semester.

On 3rd September 2014, the Social Work Associate Network for Students (SWANS) committee came together to execute Invincible 2014, a day of sports and games for Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work) students. The event had the interests of the students in mind, and gave them an opportunity to build stronger bonds with one another across all levels. This is in line with SWANS’ mission, which is to create a big community amongst students from our course.

Due to our exams, the planning of this event only took place six days before execution. The 8 members of the SWANS committee got down to planning for the event as soon as their exams ended, on 28th August. They had to get down to work and coordinate as a team quickly, as plenty of work was needed to get all the logistics such as the venue, the equipment and the refreshments ready in 6 days.

Forty-eight participants turned up on 3rd September, including students from year 1, 2, 3 and a few alumni. We were split into six groups with 7 to 8 members per group and pit against each other in a variety of games, including Soccer, Captain’s Ball and the “Bucket Challenge” (social work edition).

To our dismay, it started raining heavily before the event started! Thankfully, the SWANS committee pre-empted that and had a wet weather plan!

All activities could be held indoors with a couple of adjustments, and of course, adaptable and cooperative students!

My group (group 6) played the captain’s ball first, which was held at the Blk K mirrored corridor. 
Getting ready to prevent the opponent from scoring!

Next, we played the Bucket Challenge. This game requires us to transfer water from a bucket placed in the distance to a receptacle, but we have to use spoons, straws or what we have on ourselves to transfer the water, including our clothes!
Amanda Olsen (year 3/ 2014) using her shirt to collect water from the red pail 

Everyone hard at work, trying to get out as much water from their shirts as possible! 

After two games, it was the time to recharge our energy with some refreshments!

 With our tummies filled, we had the second last game of the day. The game we played was none other than what is known as the world’s most beautiful sport, soccer.

Since it had to be held indoors, there were quite a few changes to the rules. Nevertheless, we had lots of fun!

Defending our goal 

The final activity for the day was a mass tele-match among all teams, held in the stadium, after the rain. The air was fresh and crisp!
Resting before the race

Thomas Liao, chairman of SWANS giving the briefing

The final dash for victory!

After all the games were played, it was time for the prize presentation. Prizes ranged from free dinner at Pizza Hut, movie vouchers and Popular book vouchers for the top three groups respectively. Some groups did not receive prizes, but nevertheless, everyone in the social work course received the greatest takeaway that prizes can’t outdo- stronger friendship bonds!

At the end of the event, I interviewed some members of the SWANS committee, and this is what they said.

Michelle Vong: “I think the sports day program went exceptionally well given the overcast skies and wet weather. It was a good opportunity for individuals across the different cohorts and the alumni to bond. The social work cohorts have grown and we look forward to more of such events to keep us bonded as a community and a family!”

Najah Hakim: “I wish it didn't have to rain because if it didn't, there would be Frisbee and the other sports played outdoors. But I'm glad it did stop raining in time for the relay because I felt that that was the highlight of the event, where everyone came together and ran together. It was nice to see the three cohorts playing the games and strategizing despite not knowing each other very well. I wish we could have done more, but I think it went okay.”

Indeed, the SWANS committee had led the event well and turned it into a success despite the obstacles. For that, they deserve to be commended. Great job guys!

By Matthew Tan Ser Yung, Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work)


Matthew is 20 and pursuing his Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work) at NYP. He may have suffered a traumatic brain injury in a judo competition and may have lost his hopes of becoming a judo champion, but he has found new passion and interest in writing. He is happy to share how he feels and thinks, and hopes to encourage his readers with his writing.

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