Monday, September 8, 2014

NYP: A Home for Finley Ng

We were in the middle of doing our project when I asked her, “What do you think of NYP?” This simple question resulted in her sharing her thoughts about NYP.                

Finley Ng is a Year 2 student in Diploma in Business Informatics like me. But unlike me, she chose NYP as her first choice during the Joint Admission Exercise held after the GCE ‘O’ level examinations. Her reason was simple, she stays in Yishun and NYP is the nearest school for her. When she first entered NYP as a student here, she did not have too many strong feelings for it. But as time came to pass, she felt that NYP has offered her more than meets the eye.

“Our lecturers are friendly and approachable, and are willing to spend time outside office hours with students for consultations and revisions. Without their help, we would not be able to come so far. They have really given us more than we expected.” she said.

Indeed, there were a few times when we needed to consult some lecturers and tutors about problems we faced in our projects. Finley remembered a time when there were some problems with our project and we did not know how to handle them. Despite trying numerous times, our attempts were unsuccessful and we thus decided to consult our tutor, Ms Serena Goh, about it.

Ms Goh was more than willing to sit down with us and help us to solve the problems despite having a lot of work on her plate. We managed to solve our problems in the end, thanks to her selfless help and support. Our lecturers have even gone to the extent of offering help to us when we do not approach them for it. They can see that we need help at times. All these warm gestures from them have made us feel that we are not alone.

Finley has a rather unusual habit. Whenever she plans to purchase something, she would check it from all angles very carefully. In fact, too carefully, I feel. I have always known her to be a detailed and careful person. But why for trivial matters as well?

When I asked her about that, she told me earnestly, “I like to pay attention to the details, and I feel that we should be careful and detailed not only in academic matters, but in whatever we do. This will also train us to be more observant and in a way, more independent. Besides, you never know when trivial matters can turn into huge problems.”

Her words made a huge impact on me. I found myself reflecting on them. Indeed, how many regrets can we allow? Some people have too many regrets, and they end up bringing those regrets to the grave.

Although studies are important to her, Finley thinks that family is more important and she tries to spend as much time as she can with them. Her parents live in the West, while she lives in the North with her grandmother. As she doesn’t see her parents often, she has realised the importance of spending time with family and doing activities with them. She thinks that we should always treasure what we have, as there are so many others who are much worse off than us.

There was one incident back in her secondary school that Finley remember for life. She was having a physical education (PE) lesson with the class when a huge piece of glass fell on her and injured her badly. She was only half conscious when the ambulance arrived. After that accident, Finley was determined to make the most out of life.

Every Saturday, Finley also travels to her former secondary school in Yishun, where she teaches her juniors secondary school subjects such as science and additional mathematics. Her mentees, as she calls them, like to chat with her, and she in turn likes to share with them about her life in NYP. Finley reveals that she loves children and can thus withstand a lot of their antics, unlike most of us. Being with children has taught her to be more understanding, caring and patient.

Finley enjoys participating in school events such as the NYP Open House 2014. One of the events included a tour for selected secondary schools to get some insights about the courses and life here in NYP. For this event, Finley was required to carry around a ‘talking furby’ which can display emotions such as anger and happiness in words. During this event, Finley showed great enthusiasm. She also enjoyed spending time with the other NYP student volunteers. She felt that this event was not just a great experience for the secondary school students, but also for herself.                        
During her leisure time, Finley enjoys listening to music.
“Music helps me to relax after long hours of studying and doing projects,” Finley explained.

She also enjoys chatting and hanging out with friends.

Finley also enjoys the facilities NYP has to offer, and she thinks that there are lots of great people in NYP. To her, the library is very spacious and conducive for learning. It is also a nice and quiet place to do some self-reading or chill out with friends.

Besides the library, she also enjoys facilities such as the Eco garden located at the engineering block and the shopping arcade at the campus centre.

NYP is now a place Finley truly feels at home with.

By Ng Chwin Chi, Diploma in Business Informatics


During her free time, Chwin Chi prefers to spend time on the computer or read books. She likes to go to the library and she can also be found playing games on her mobile phone.

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