Tuesday, September 2, 2014

POL-ITE Tennis 2014: Truly a Gentlemen’s Sport

Women’s Doubles – NYP player preparing to hit the ball with a forehand shot 
The results are in after the POL-ITE Tennis competition, which wrapped up on the 7th of August. Both divisions gave it their best shot against their opponents from the different institutions. Our very own NYP women’s team came in fourth and our men’s team is the overall champions of this year’s competition!

Throughout the competition, the men’s team beat all the other teams from the other polytechnics and ITE. The women’s team managed wins against TP and ITE and hence, placed fourth.

Results for the Men’s division 

Results for the Women’s division

What was really surprising was the true sportsmanship both men’s and women’s teams displayed during the finals. Even though our teams knew where they were likely to finish, they continued to put up a fierce fight in each and every game.

We interviewed two of the players, Brian Wong a second year student from the Diploma in Nursing and Foong Joschin a third year student from the Diploma in Fund Management & Administration, from the Men’s doubles, to find out more about how they felt about the competition and tennis.

Men’s Doubles – NYP team focused on the incoming ball
What motivates you guys when you are playing a match?

Brian: Chocolate. Lots of chocolate. *laughs*

Joschin: To get back to the first place, I guess. Because we were first when we were in year 1, but in year 2 we were second. So since it’s my third year now, we wanted to leave on a good note.

So far in the competition, what is your experience like, playing with the other teams?

Joschin: I guess it’s pretty nice to be recognized by other polys in tennis. Like when they come to NYP, they’ll say, “Oh, NYP is the best”. So, that was nice.

What are your feelings towards the players of the other teams? 

Brian: I think, to me, I’ve been playing tennis for years so I don’t want a competition to be like a competition. I want it to be just a fun game. Because there’s no point getting stressed. 

Joschin: Tennis is a gentlemen’s game, and I think everyone conducted themselves very well and showed good sportsmanship.


Indeed, that was exactly what we saw during the match. Every player shook their opponents’ hand, no matter how they performed. Yes, winning a competition is one thing but it’s the love for the game that really matters.

All the players, like Brian and Joschin, were humble after their wins against their opponents.

Same goes for the women’s team, they already knew they were not going to finish in the top three. However, they did not throw in the towel and kept going. They also had a fierce match against ITE and persevered to win that match in order to keep their position.

It is nice to see how humble our NYP tennis players are and how they truly passionate they are about the game, whether or not the matches were in their favour.

Once again, congratulations to both the men’s and women’s team for a very well played competition and of course congratulations to the men’s team on becoming the champions for the POL-ITE Tennis Competition 2014.

By Brandon Chia & Clarissa Lim, Year 1, Diploma in Mass Media Management

Currently pursuing a Diploma in Mass Media Management, Brandon hopes to have a future in the publishing industry. Brandon loves television dramas and comedies, using social media platforms, reading dystopian novels, and of course writing!! In fact, Brandon always finds some way to add a little of his own personality into every article! If there were one word to describe him, it would be “Sassy”!!

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