Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sweet Creation

Hong Kar Yiu, Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) alumna, made a mark on the world with her creativity. These days, she dreams of benefitting others with her future inventions.

Hong Kar Yiu
Alumna, Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition
School of Chemical & Life Sciences

Indulging in our favourite food is something we take for granted. But Kar Yiu, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was nine, was determined to savour the sweet taste of ice-cream again. “I joined NYP’s Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition because I hoped to learn about and develop suitable food that diabetics can enjoy,” and she did.

For Kar Yiu’s Final Year Project, she took the plunge with her partner, Sophia Ng Bao Xian, to develop sugar-free ice-cream despite being unfamiliar with the ice-cream making process. Luckily, their task was eased with the knowledge and lab techniques taught in their course and their lecturer’s continuous guidance. “In order to get the right sweetness, flavour, and fat content, we had 25 trials to develop this sugar-free and low-fat pumpkin ice cream that’s suitable for diabetics and the elderly!” Thus, ‘Traffic Jam’ was created, a three-in-one ice cream made of beetroot, pumpkin and bitter melon, which has the same colours as traffic light. It even received professional recognition by being selected as a finalist in the World Diary Innovation Awards 2014!

Kar Yiu’s adventure in innovation doesn’t end here. Wanting to help others enjoy the food that they love, she hopes to land a job related to research and development in the food industry where she can develop different food products that will benefit others; after she graduates from NTU.

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Published in the December 2014 Issue of Teenage Magazine. Reproduced with Permission.

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