Monday, December 29, 2014

Nine CCAs to Check Out in NYP

With so many CCAs to choose from, it is certainly hard to decide which CCA you should commit to. But NYP is a warm hearted community, and whichever CCA you join, you are certain to make good friends. If you can’t decide, here are nine interesting CCAs to check out!

Monday, December 22, 2014


For ‘N’ Level graduates who can’t wait to commence on your tertiary education, here’s how Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) lets you get a head start.

Gideon Patrick Manik
The Nanyang Polytechnic Foundation Programme (NYPFP) allows Secondary 4 Normal (Academic) students to enter NYP a year ahead of their peers. Students under this programme will go through a year of preparation and will secure a spot for themselves in their diploma of choice when they have passed all the modules. Students, Gideon Patrick Manik and Koh Liang Jing, talk about why they chose the NYPFP.

For Gideon Patrick Manik, learning more about business operations and setting up his own business has always been his goal. Getting into the Diploma in Engineering with Business allows him to study multi-disciplinary subjects, including the application of business skills to engineering processes.

“I was encouraged to join the NYPFP as I would be able to secure a spot in NYP rather than have to compete with all the ‘O’ Level graduates,” explained Gideon, “I was also eager to learn more.”

The huge transition between secondary school and polytechnic proved to be difficult at first when Gideon discovered that there were a lot more group projects that had to be undertaken. However, the camaraderie and interaction between group members helped him to overcome the initial challenges.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Entrepreneur at 20, millionaire at 24

As an avid swimmer, Tan Jian Yong, alumnus of NYP’s School of Engineering, was part of the Lifeguard Corps in NYP where he met swimming instructors and learnt about swim coaching and related skills. After he was certified as a swimming instructor, Jian Yong started giving private swimming lessons but faced problems with students cancelling classes at the last minute and defaulting on payments, both of which affected his schedule and income. That was when the idea for Happy Fish Swim School came up.

Building a multi-million empire

Having been in the ornamental fish business at the tender age of 14, entrepreneurship was nothing new to Barnabas Huang, alumnus of NYP’s School of Business Management and now Managing Director of NutriFirst Pte Ltd, but after working in the industry for three years, he realised it wasn’t his true calling so he decided to change his career path.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Juggling with busy school life and a burgeoning interest in running, Nabin Parajuli, a Year 3 student in Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management, School of Business Management, explores his path beyond to fulfil his full potential.

Nabin is an anomaly in the world of sports. A librarian in secondary school, his talent for running was accidentally discovered when he joined the first race in his life, in NYP, and came in fourth place. His coach, Mr Tho Yow Kin, said that it was rare for someone without any running experience to finish so close to the Athletic team members, who had been training consistently.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Befriending The Elderly at Love Navigator 2014 with NYP’s Mentoring Club

 Back in secondary school, I remember knocking on doors to collect newspapers, picking up beach litter and doing some spring cleaning in school classrooms. I did it mainly because I needed to obtain a certain amount of CIP (Community Involvement Project) points each year. However, I came to realise that community service projects are not just about points, it’s about giving back to the community. Recently, I was invited by NYP Mentoring Club for their elderly befriending event called “Love Navigator”. Here are some highlights of the event.

Travel Around the World in Pursuit of Passion

What’s next after acquiring a diploma? Evangeline Neo, NYP’s School of Interactive & Digital Media alumna, shares her current pursuit and unquenchable thirst for success.

Following her passion took Evangeline, a local comic artist, all over the world; where her exposure to different cultures became her source of inspiration. Having built a strong foundation in both traditional methods and digital media, and the vast exposure to design softwares during her Diploma in Digital Media Design course at NYP; Evangeline found it easy adapting to any software. “I could pick up ‘Manga Studio’, a comic programme by myself!”

Despite her travels, Evangeline remained rooted to NYP. After completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts under an MDA scholarship at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, she returned to her alma mater as a lecturer. “While teaching, I realised that our local comic industry hadn’t grown since I left. I became determined to obtain a scholarship to study in Japan to see how they did it there, and if we could develop a local comic culture.”

Heading to the prestigious Waseda University in Tokyo to pursue her Masters in Business Administration (MBA), she was inspired to create Evacomics – web comic strips highlighting the cultural differences between Japan and Singapore - after experiencing a culture shock there. Evangeline shared, “The main challenge was how to make the story engaging and convey the idea, because even a good drawing cannot salvage bad storytelling.”

What’s next for Evacomics? The NYP alumna reveals that she hopes her comic will gain a global audience and even branch out into character licensing like Snoopy and Hello Kitty. Her ultimate dream is to hold exhibitions and have her own character-themed cafe!

Be innovative and enterprising, choose your own adventure at NYP Open House from 8 to 10 Jan 2015!

Published in the December 2014 Issue of Teenage Magazine. Reproduced with Permission.