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For ‘N’ Level graduates who can’t wait to commence on your tertiary education, here’s how Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) lets you get a head start.

Gideon Patrick Manik
The Nanyang Polytechnic Foundation Programme (NYPFP) allows Secondary 4 Normal (Academic) students to enter NYP a year ahead of their peers. Students under this programme will go through a year of preparation and will secure a spot for themselves in their diploma of choice when they have passed all the modules. Students, Gideon Patrick Manik and Koh Liang Jing, talk about why they chose the NYPFP.

For Gideon Patrick Manik, learning more about business operations and setting up his own business has always been his goal. Getting into the Diploma in Engineering with Business allows him to study multi-disciplinary subjects, including the application of business skills to engineering processes.

“I was encouraged to join the NYPFP as I would be able to secure a spot in NYP rather than have to compete with all the ‘O’ Level graduates,” explained Gideon, “I was also eager to learn more.”

The huge transition between secondary school and polytechnic proved to be difficult at first when Gideon discovered that there were a lot more group projects that had to be undertaken. However, the camaraderie and interaction between group members helped him to overcome the initial challenges.

The best part for Gideon was how the classes were conducted. “I love how the classes are conducted in different rooms and lecture halls,” observed Gideon, “I don’t feel like I’m stuck in one place. Moreover, the hands-on learning in NYP’s state-of-the-art facilities really completes the learning experience.”

Koh Liang Jing
Being able to achieve a strong foundation in business was what attracted Koh Liang Jing to NYPFP. “The programme also included core modules such as Software Applications and Computer Systems & Information Processing which give us strong fundaments to tackle the Year One curriculum.”

Liang Jing discovered that projects and presentations accounted for a major portion of the grades. The usually introverted Liang Jing learned to overcome her shyness. Thanks to the constant support from the lecturers, she was also able to build her confidence and improve on her presentation skills.

“The lecturers are very caring and willing to go the extra mile,” said Liang Jing, “The school is also equipped with high-tech facilities which complement the lessons and make it more enjoyable and fun.”

Be innovative and enterprising, kick-start your adventure at NYP! Join the NYPFP!

Published in the January 2015 Issue of Teenage Magazine. Reproduced with Permission.

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