Thursday, January 29, 2015

No Dream is too Small for Fariza Begum

“You will never know. Whatever situation you find yourself in, even though you may not like it at first, could be a very big opportunity for you,” said Fariza Begum.

This was how Fariza, an NYP alumnus, carved out a name for herself in Floorball. The Diploma in Business Management graduate was very involved with the Floorball team during her years in NYP.  Fariza was a goalkeeper and helped her team clinch several titles at the inter Polytechnic-ITE (POL-ITE) Games and Inter-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) games.

Fariza Begum in action during a match

Fariza picked up Floorball during her Secondary 4 days after being pushed to participate in her school’s inter-house games, and joined her school’s Floorball team as a goalkeeper.  

After her performance at the event, she was further encouraged by one of her teachers to join his Floorball club, which opened the doors for Fariza to play Floorball competitively.

Fariza described her initial thoughts on joining the club: “I didn’t want to but when I went to the club it was then I realized that everyone was pretty serious. I decided against backing out and stayed in.”

Fariza has represented Singapore in many events such as the 2013 SEA Games (Demonstration Sport) and the World University Championship 2014.

Throughout the past 8 years of playing Floorball, Fariza regards 2014 to be the most memorable year for her. Her team earned fourth place in the World University Championship.

Her team puts its best effort in every single match, showcasing its discipline and determination. Even though it finished fourth in the World University Championship, Fariza regards the experience as a fruitful one, as she had the opportunity to play against bigger teams from Sweden, Switzerland and more.

“It was really remarkable because every attempt to save the opponent’s shot is definitely worthwhile for me and every time I concede a goal, it is a learning experience,” Fariza said with satisfaction.

Fariza getting into position as the floorball approaches

Another reason why 2014 was important  is  the fact that the World University Championship was first tournament that her parents had seen her play.

Fariza is also selected to be part of the Singapore’s Women Floorball Team for the upcoming SEA Games this year in 2015.

“What motivates me is to win the first SEA Games Gold medal for Floorball as well as for Singapore. I cannot wait for it to happen,” said an excited Fariza.

Most athletes have their own pre-game traditions and for Fariza, it is no different. The day before a big game, Fariza will watch videos of her idol, Henri Toivoneimi, from the Men’s Finland National Team. Then, she will go through the intricacies of the game in her mind so that nothing will surprise her on the day itself.

Fariza likes to motivate herself to go the furthest she can, and do the best she can so that she can reach her true potential. She also wants to be an inspiration to the younger generation.

“I will ask myself what do I have to do to reach my best before I stop playing competitively and be around to guide the younger generation,” said Fariza.

Fariza Begum seated in the front (in the red and white striped jersey)

Now, Fariza is not only a competitive Floorball player for Singapore but  also a teacher in Yuying Secondary School teaching both PE and English to her students.

“When I took up Floorball there were role models that I looked up to especially my first coach and my teacher who introduced me to this sport,” said Fariza.

Seeing as to how much she had benefited from those two teachers, Fariza wants to contribute back to the younger generation. She wants to teach her students more about sportsmanship.

She shared that in the next few years, she would like to settle down into teaching.
During that time, she would also love to have the opportunity to start a Floorball CCA in Yuying, to interact more with her students and get them to learn more about the sport itself.

“I cannot be playing competitively forever, I mean no one can, although we would love to,” said Fariza calmly. “It’s also good for the young ones to step up and take their chance.”

To Fariza, no dream is too small to achieve and to start with: “Just dream big and keep your attitude high,” she said.

Fariza reaching out to grab the floorball from her competitors

We wish her all the best in her future endeavors and for the 2015 SEA Games this coming June!

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