Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Too much going on? Too long, didn’t read? Here’s a one-page cheat sheet to everything NYP-related!

The bare facts 

Wait, there’s more!
We’ve got five new buildings, with state-of-the-art learning facilities and plenty of new places to eat, shop and relax, coming up is 2015 .

The best part? The T-Junction will have cyber games rooms, jamming studios and more!

Let me tell you a story…
We’ve got plenty of interesting stories about famous digital artists , designers who believe in retaining Singapore’s rich heritage, entrepreneurs who made their first million at 24 and fitness enthusiasts who are now building multi-million dollar empires.

Others simply want the ability to savour ice-cream again, help their community or make their mark on Silicon Valley.

You can also learn more about our awesome CCAs and great food!

NYP Time Machine 2015 

Take a look into your future with the NYP Time Machine. You also stand a chance to win awesome prizes like H&M vouchers, Starbucks Giftcards and Universal Studios Singapore passes.

Open House, Jam!, Groove! and the Parents’ Seminar 
Experience campus life at NYP Open House. While you are there, remember to check out NYP’s annual singing and dancing competitions, NYP Jam! and NYP Groove!.

You can also learn how to make the best use of your 12 Choices at the Choices After ‘O’s Parents’ Seminar.

Still need help? Visit the NYP Website to chat with our friendly students and lecturers from 12-15 January , 2-5pm & 8-11pm daily.

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