Wednesday, April 29, 2015

iGoNYP - Navigation and Discovery Made Easy

If you are new to NYP, you’ll be pleased to know that we have plenty of signboards and friendly staff and students to help you find your way around Campus. But if you want to navigate around campus like a pro, check out iGoNYP.

While iGoNYP is not a new app, its latest version incorporates all of the  new  facilities under NYP Campus expansion programme.  For our existing students, this app is also handy when looking for newly constructed buildings, facilities and eating places.


iGoNYP uses your mobile data and GPS to help you navigate around NYP. To get directions, select your destination in the menu and a pin will drop on your current location and your destination.

It’s a great way to find amenities like eateries, printing shops, carparks and sports and recreation facilities. There’s also as Augmented Realty view that helps you get your bearing - great if you can’t read a map, or get lost easily.

Awesome Facilities and Amenities for you to Discover

Aside from navigating, iGoNYP also provides a directory of services and amenities, making it a great way to discover new places, or fun things to do. If you want to fully benefit from the awesome facilities and services on Campus, remember to check it out!

iGoNYP is available for free from the Google Play and App store for Android devices 2.3.3 and up and for iOS 4.3 devices and up.

iGoNYP is designed and developed by the Centre for IT Innovation, School of Information Technology