Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What’s in your bag Nicole?

 Today, we take a peek into final year Food Science & Nutrition student Nicole Lim’s bag. What are the essentials that Nicole has curated to get her through her Final Year Project days? Let’s find out!


It may not be evident from this picture, but Nicole’s wallet is really small. Defending her wallet size, she explained that she did use to own a “normal”-sized wallet. However, that proved to be too big for her back pocket, thus she opted for a smaller and more convenient wallet. Her miniature wallet contains things of utmost importance, like her ez-link card, debit card, and waffle loyalty card for the waffle stall in North Canteen.


Sweets are for chewing on-the-go. They help Nicole relieve boredom when she’s working in the laboratory or moving around the campus. They also work well as a breath refresher and the sugar rush helps her to curb sleepiness. 

The candy with the little blue pencil on the wrapper (shown above) is the “best candy on earth”, as proclaimed by Nicole herself. Nicole was sweet enough to offer it to this writer for a taste test and this writer has to agree it may actually be the best candy on earth. It can be found in Sakuraya at Parkway Parade.


These are the only two beauty products found in Nicole’s bag. She has a tube of YSL lipstick to give her lips a pop of colour, brightening her entire look. It also works well as a lip moisturizer! Nicole also has a travel-sized tube of Avène sunblock. As the temperature in Singapore is about 32 °C, it should come as no surprise that this can be found in her bag!


Nicole is too cool for a pencil case. Just kidding! Since she does not need to attend any classes, all she needs are a black permanent marker, to label test tubes in the lab, a blue pen, to record her findings; and finally a pink pen, because her favourite colour is pink!

Cables, thumb drive & house keys

Nicole has a laptop charger, a mini iPhone 6 cable and a pair of earphones. Since her house keys and thumb drive are easily misplaced, Nicole hooks them both together on her pink Mamegoma (her favourite seal character) keychain. You might be wondering why the iPhone cable is so short, but did you know the shorter your cable, the quicker your device charges? Well, now you do!

Glasses & NYP admin card

The glasses are a must have for Nicole to accurately conduct experiments during her FYP lab sessions. Her NYP admin card also grants her access to the science labs at Block Q.

iPhone 6

Needless to say, the most important thing in her bag will be her phone. In school, Nicole mostly uses it to contact and coordinate meetings with her lecturers and FYP supervisor.

Laptop & lab results

Nicole needs her laptop to complete her FYP report, which, of course, includes data for the High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) experiment conducted as part of her FYP.


Nicole usually camps in the school’s library to work on her FYP report. Staying there for more than an hour can get really cold. Hence, Nicole relies on her favourite black hoodie to keep her warm!
These are all the things found in Nicole’s bag. Thank you Nicole, for emptying your bag for us!

By Felicia Kwan, Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition student

Felicia is an aspiring writer who loves to eat & travel around the world. She is also an avid reader, and hopes to inspire the world with her writing one day.