Monday, June 29, 2015

What’s in a future designer’s bag?

 Ever wondered what's in the bag of a future graphics designer, a visual effects artist or an animator? Look no further! Quench your curiosity as I inspect Valery Seng’s bag. She is a Year 1 Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design student.

Of course, you would expect a laptop! What is poly life without a laptop right? Valery here owns the Macbook Pro 15-inch. The extra 2 inches is definitely useful as she needs to create and edit pieces on software like Photoshop and After Effects. This particular model weighs a hefty 2kg! Valery will definitely train her muscles carrying this.

Here’s an unconventional pencil case! In it is a notebook that is vital for a course without worksheets. But look closely, the black and white stick is actually a KNIFE! Being in a design course means there is a lot of crafting and cutting. So this X-ACTO knife is definitely handy in class. She also has a pen to take notes with, and a kneadable eraser for her Fundamentals of Drawing class!

On days when Valery has Colour Theory classes, she brings along these essentials. A lot of fun painting is involved. Here are paints in various colours, brushes of different shapes and sizes and a palette to mix her paints. That yellow bucket is for water. Why so many compartments? Valery was recently taught that a three-step cleanse is essential for a squeaky clean brush, and also, a section of clean water is important for keeping your painting wet.

 A long day in school means you’re hungry all day! So Valery carries along some sweets to keep her energised as she faces her lectures. Mint flavoured candy is definitely refreshing. Yummy!

Is your curiousity quenched yet? It’s pretty fun to look at students’ bag from different schools. Do keep a lookout for future editions of What’s in Your Bag! 

Written by Siti Hawa Noorashikeen, Diploma in Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design

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