Thursday, July 9, 2015

8 Simple Ways to Help Keep our Campus Clean

On a typical weekday,  thousands of students and staff walk through NYP’s corridors. With the large number of people using its facilities on a day-to-day basis, our cleaning staff need to work hard to maintain the cleanliness in campus. Their hard-work often goes unnoticed, especially when we take the things they do for granted. 

Finding a clean and conducive studying environment around campus is easy thanks to our cleaning staff. Therefore, why not show our appreciation by helping to keep the campus clean?

Here are 8 ways you can help our cleaners!

1. Showing your appreciation by saying “Thank You”

Showing appreciation for the cleaners’ hard-work by thanking them is a gesture that would definitely bring a smile to their faces and it should be practised often.

2. Returning of trays after consumption of food

“Many hands make light work” is a quote from John Heywood. The cleaners’ work would inevitably be lightened if each and every individual takes the responsibility to return his or her tray. 

3. Throwing your rubbish in  bins
This may seem pretty straight-forward, but sometimes we may forget to do so  due to fatigue or absent-mindedness.  For example, we may leave our bottles on the stadium seats after a run, or on the study tables and benches after our project discussions. Remember, every small step goes a long way.

4. Reminding our friends to clear their unwanted stuff
If you are bold enough, gently reminding your friends to clear their own rubbish will not only educate them, but also ensure that they will think twice before leaving their rubbish unattended in the future.   
5. Do not bring food and drinks to places that prohibit them
The thing about accidents is that no one is ever able to predict them. When you bring food and drinks to lecture theatres, and spillages happen, cleaning staff would have a hard time cleaning your mess up. This adds to their workload, and you wouldn’t want to make life hard for them would you? 

6. Be cautious and considerate 
 Do not clean your dirty and muddy shoes at the stadium and leave mud all over the tracks. Similarly, try not to spill your food and beverages on the tables and floors. 

7. Adopt proper etiquette in toilets
It goes without saying you should flush after using the toilet. Try to keep the floors clean and dry. Think of the cleaners who will have to clear up your mess. 

8. Do not smoke in campus
Smoking in campus is prohibited.  Leaving cigarette buds lying around can also be dangerous and cause a fire. 

These simple acts will go a very long way, and help to improve the work environment of our cleaning staff. Their workload can be reduced by your actions. Always remember their hard-work, because they are NYP’s unsung heroes. 

By Nasruddin Islam Bin Ramli, Diploma in Electronics, Computer & Communications Engineering

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