Tuesday, July 14, 2015

SIDM Art Interactive Experience - Meeting Creative Minds

Recently, in June, the School of Interactive & Digital Media (SIDM) held a 3-day exhibition at the ArtScience Museum. Entitled the SIDM Art Interactive Experience, many artworks from students and alumni were showcased. This is the second year the ArtScience Museum was hosting SIDM. This year, our alumni were also invited to exhibit their works to celebrate SIDM’s 20th anniversary. I headed down to the exhibition and here are is what I saw.

Food Artist Catherine Leck

 The chameleon’s skin is made out of nerd candies! Who would’ve thought!

Since young, our parents have always warned us to never play with food. Miss Catherine Leck here is a rebel and decided that she is going to do just that.

Catherine took the road less travelled and made art with actual food. Cool! Her pieces are so well put together that you would not have known food ingredients were used.  Catherine is a corporate logo designer but she does innovative work like food art as a hobby. She wishes to let people know that creation is easy when you innovate and reimagine. Her words of advice:  “Always, always innovate.”
Check out her YouTube channel to see how she creates her food art pieces.

Figurine Artist Jackson Aw

Some of the popart sculptures that Jackson makes

Jackson Aw creates sculptures, and works with international artists to transform 2D designs into 3D. He works with a lot of street artists, to create figurines that convey social messages. This obese batman for example, touches on the obesity problem in the USA. Some challenges he faces while producing these figures include envisioning how a 2D- sketching would look like in 3D, and which colour or painting technique to use.

Jackson was formerly an SIDM Interactive Media student, and in his studies, he focused more on software. What I found interesting about Jackson was that he was brave enough to go outside his area of expertise and explore sculpture making, something which he enjoys doing now. His advice to students: “ Don’t think so much, just do it.”

Illustrator Joey Woon 
Some of the many sketches Joey did before the final product was approved 

You have probably read about the Little Wayang Kid article here. Well, it was a pleasure to see Joey Ng Kai Woon as one of the exhibitors, showcasing her illustrations. She shared that her Little Wayang Kid work was actually her Final Year Project, and she worked with her clients to make this movie-to-book adaptation. It was challenging for her to draw the motions of the characters but she definitely pulled it off.  She advised students to always have passion and determination in their work.

A visitor playing with the interactive led screen

I spoke to one of the visitors, who called herself Harumuchi. She was impressed by the works displayed although she wished that more artists could have participated. She was also fascinated to know that the creator of the successful Evacomics is actually an alumnus of NYP SIDM. I am too!

Playing with the Wacom tablet that professionals use

As for myself, it was definitely inspiring to see how much SIDM alumni, who were once students like me, have accomplished thus far. Some of them may not have continued to do something related to their diploma, but they have found something that they enjoy doing and are excelling in it. It was an absolutely fun experience!

Postcards designed by some of the alumni 

The SIDM Art Interactive Experience is now being showcased at the NYP library. Head to our library to see some of the artworks from the exhibition before they are taken down!

By Siti Hawa Noorashikeen, Diploma in Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design, and
Nurmala, Diploma in Nursing.

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