Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What’s in Farid’s bag?

What’s in Farid’s bag?

This week, Yusuf Chouthury Shaik Farid, a Year 2 student from the Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology, shares with us what’s in his bag.

Who goes to Poly without a pencil case? I decided to check out what is in Farid’s pencil case. His pencil case is no different from any typical student’s in NYP. However, Farid uses his stationery for a unique purpose. Farid shared that he is a visual learner, which is why he has not one or two but five highlighters to colour his notes. Lecture notes are often too wordy and monotonous, and Farid gets tired when reading them. So, he has these highlighters to add colour when he is making these notes so that he can organize and study them better!

As a science student, Farid’s lab sessions also involve the handling of many test tubes, hence he also uses his markers to label his test tubes.  

Next we have a must-have item, lecture notes! It is essential that Farid has his lecture notes in order for him to understand his lectures. As Farid’s lectures notes are quite heavy (one topic is about 55-77 pages), he summaries them into his very own concise and organized notes.

What is this weird looking clothing and oversized glasses? Oh these are Farid’s lab coat and safety goggles! Since he needs to do experiments which may be hazardous, Farid needs to take certain precautions. These include having proper attire, covered shoes, and a lab coat to protect himself from chemicals and bacteria in the lab.

Farid’s work includes cultivating cancer cells in the lab, and, certainly no one should do experiments like this without a lab coat on! Do the goggles seem different from the typical safety goggles we know of? That is because these goggles are new safety goggles, which allow students to adjust them to suit their face size and protect their eyes better.

Upon looking deeper into his bag, we find that Farid has a special hobby—the Rubik’s Cube. He likes to play with the Rubik’s Cube in his free time in NYP to de-stress himself. He mentioned that his fastest time to solve the Rubik’s Cube is 1 minute!!

Just how did he do it? Farid revealed that there are actually formulas to solve them. Judging by the worn Rubik’s Cube, he must have had it with him for a long time.

Keep a lookout for more What’s in Your Bag posts as we continue to check out other NYP’s students’ bags! J

By Christopher Teo Yu Yuan, Diploma in Medicinal Chemistry

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  1. where is your gloves when handling equipment in the lab mate?