Monday, September 7, 2015

10 Productive Ways to Spend Your Term Break

Exams are finally over and the term break has started. So how do we spend our term break productively and not waste our time away? Here are 10 ways to make efficient use of your term break:

1) Sports

Ever felt passionate about certain sports that you always wanted to try out but just could not because of your busy schedule? Since term break is here and there are no classes, use this chance to try out sports you have always wanted to try out, be it football, badminton, squash or anything else. NYP’s sports facilities are available throughout the term break, so grab this chance to try out a sporting activity!

2) Learning a new skill

It can be anything. Be it learning a new language, photography or playing a musical instrument. Anything that makes you feel happy or something you always wanted to try out but just do not have the time for. Now is the time to pick it up!

3) Read a book

As quoted by Dr Seuss, “the more that you read, the more things you know, the more you learn, the more places you go”.

Why not select a book with your favourite genre or author and immerse yourself in the world of knowledge and fantasy.

4) Doing a part time job

For those who need some pocket money for the next semester, or those who simply have nothing to do, finding a part time job does not just kill time but also helps you to gain working experience. This is something we can’t learn from our text books, and you’ll get paid too! So earn as you learn!

5) Helping out with household chores

How often are we able to help our parents with household chores when we are busy studying in the campus? This term break serves as a good chance to help out with house hold chores. Be it washing your dishes or just clearing the bin, even a little help will be much appreciated by your parents!

6) Travel to other countries

With our packed schedule in school, it is hard for us to travel overseas during our school term. But right now is a good time to travel overseas to experience another country’s culture and what it has to offer.

In addition, you will also get to visit iconic landmarks in other countries, try out their cuisine and learn about their history.

7) Visit places in Singapore

If your finances are tight, then why not try exploring Singapore? Singapore has a lot more to offer than you think. For nature lovers, there is Gardens by the Bay, for beach lovers there is Sentosa. There is a museum for stamps (Singapore Philatelic Museum), a Toy Museum and the Peranakan Museum!

8) Read up on next semester’s modules
For those who are nervous about the upcoming semester, it is a good idea to know what modules you will be learning for the upcoming semester. Go to the library and start reading up on the subjects. Not only will you get a head start, you will also have a clearer idea of what is going on in lectures and tutorials.

9) Spending quality time with friends and family

This term break also serves as a time for us to catch up with our friends and family. With our busy schedules in school, we do not usually have time to have dinner or spend quality time with our family.

When we meet our friends in campus, do we know what is going on in their lives? We are usually too busy with projects and studies to really talk to them. Use this term break to get to know your friends on a personal level and spend time with your family.

10) Just do…. Nothing

Yes, let us not forget what the term break is for. Rest, take this opportunity to get plenty of rest and recharge for the next “stressful” semester to come and you may perform better.

Keep your schedules light, spend some alone time, not thinking of school work. Put your phone away and truly rest.

After all, when do we have time to do this when school begins?

So what are your thoughts? Are these productive ways to spend one’s term break? Feel free to share with us how you will spend your term break!


By Christopher Teo Yu Yuan, Diploma in Medicinal Chemistry

 A smile is a curve that sets things straight.

Never be afraid to try. Even if we fail, there is no better way to live. Continue to pursue to what you truly love to do. Christopher is living life with a smile and hopes to be able to use science to save lives and bring hope to other people.


  1. We can't even access next semester's module materials, how can we get a head start?

    1. Can always go to NYP public to check your modules for the year!:)

    2. I thought u can check what modules youre taking next year then find the modules in the library,no?

    3. Well you can go to the NYP Library Portal, look at past year papers of your next semester's modules, and maybe have a gist of what you're going to learn

  2. have some initiative to contact ur other core buddies. they have almost everything

  3. Great Post ����

  4. This is great. I would like to join sports CCA but only during holidays. Joining sport means commitment to that sport and hence, cant quit when school reopens. How?

    1. Sport isn't restricted to CCA, true when u start into a sports cca meant commitment, but if u prefer a leisure sports for fun, community clubs offers holidays programme and if u intend to be seriouse jn a sports joining a sport cca would be good:)
      hope this helps!:)