Friday, October 16, 2015

Is it Time to Buck Up?

22th September 2015 was the day our results were released. That had brought about different feelings from NYP students living all around Singapore. If you received the results you wished for, that is great. However, if you have received results that did not meet your expectations, then keep working harder and think of better methods to improve your grades.

But no matter what your grades were, what matters is that you come to terms with it.
If you realized that you have made mistakes with the way you have been approaching your studies, then, start over. There is no point in beating oneself up or blaming others.

Here are some pointers that could help you achieve better results!

1) Cast aside feelings of regret or self-inferiority because the past is over 

 Negative thoughts will not help you. There are many opportunities for everyone, and even if there are only a few opportunities, you should still go for them and advance yourself!

It is never over, until you believe it is. Take every day as a chance to improve yourself. Humans are capable of anything as long as they do not give up.

2) Make sure you understand the topics in your lecture notes

Time spent in lectures and tutorials is precious. If you want to improve your grades, then instead of completing another module’s tutorial during class, using your phone, chit-chatting with your friends, or even daydreaming, start by really doing the right thing at the right time and focusing.

Always take your classes seriously. Come prepared for lectures and tutorials.

3) Diligently complete your tutorials and revise what you have learnt when you are home

This allows you to have a head start compared to others who may put revision off until exam time. It is much better than trying to cramp everything into your head during exam preparation period.

However, this is a long process that requires discipline. There are students who can do it, and so can you.

Discipline is a choice you make.  There is no such thing as two people being born with different amounts of discipline. Everyone has 24 hours every day, question is: what are you doing with yours?

4) Ask for help when you are unclear and make sure you become clear of things. 

Students can always approach their lecturers for help 

Ask, ask, ask! The quickest way is to ask. Use your voice and ask. Ask your friends, your classmates, your tutors, and even the people you do not like in your class, as long as they are willing to help you.

There is nothing wrong with not knowing something or being a slow-learner. Even people who are smarter than you ask. And smart people ask, because they know if they do not, they will not learn.

Ask and make sure you learn from it.

5) Drive yourself to study

Motivate yourself to study. Even better, influence your friends to study as well. Use your fear, desire, ambition, friends, or even your parents to motivate you.

Engrave it in your head and your heart, especially if it’s the fear of failing or disappointing yourself or your family. Do not allow those thoughts to take over and overwhelm you, but keep them in mind.
Even if you only study for 30 minutes a day, it is still an achievement. Keep studying and increasing the duration of your studying.

All in all, though results and GPA matter, don’t forget to have fun too!

Sometimes, it may seem like hard work is pointless, but most of the time, it really pays off and comes with great rewards. Keep believing in yourself!

With that, I hope that these 5 tips would help you in the coming semester.

By Sharlene Tan, Diploma in Fund Management & Administration

“The strongest hearts are the ones that have been broken.” 

Setbacks are unavoidable in life, but what matters is picking yourself up.☺ Being one of the new members of The Write Stuff, Sharlene Tan is on her amazing journey to living life fulfilled. 
Her family and friends are the ones who have kept her going, and they mean the world to her. 

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