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NYP students are confident and creative, says Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

Nanyang Polytechnic hosted students from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam, who visited Singapore on a cultural exchange trip, where they learned about health-care science, animation and interactive design.

Ms Dao Nguyen Nhat Huynh, Mr Vo Luu Tuan Minh, and Mr Nguyen Phuc Quynh Chau , students from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology came forth, and shared their 3-weeks experience in Nanyang Polytechnic and Singapore. The facilities in NYP were what impressed them the most when asked about their experience in NYP, as there are not many labs back home in their university. They also provide for good contextual teaching and learning.

“There are a lot of labs here in NYP, which help us apply what we have learnt through books, most of the time we would just memorize this stuff, with very little time actually handling them. Also, the facilities such as canteen, and library make it very good and easy to learn”, said Huynh, the only girl amongst the three students.

Minh added that the campus is a very vibrant, which provides forgood learning experiences, thus allowing for more creativity from its students.

Chao agreed, and said, “ The colorful campus environment adds that feeling of being able to be creative, which is really different from what we have, we are expected to work hard and follow the book. We have to memorize before every examinations, over here, there is  more importance placed on application.”

When asked about the differences in the culture of education between Singapore and Vietnam, all three had to agree that the student-teacher relationship here is the major difference when compared with  what they have back in Vietnam.
Students were given a behind-the-scenes look at how NYP's brand of education creates innovative and enterprising graduates.
“There is a very strong relationship between student and teacher, which is not what Vietnamese students would be used to. In Vietnam, the student’s interaction towards the teacher must be of high respect, as one would respect an elder.” Chao explained.

“In Singapore, the mindset is very open, where everyone hugs each other, and speaks their mind. Whereas, in Vietnam, it is not something people see often.” Huynh added. 
Mr Adrian Chua , Assistant Manager/ School of Interactive & Digital Media , explains how students brings their projects to life.
Minh, nodded and agreed, but mentioned, “This is where, maybe, students are able to learn more, because they are more curious, and are bold enough to ask a lot of questions.”

The trait that Singaporean students have which impresses them the most, is how vocal they are in expressing their ideas, and also, each and every Singaporean student’s confidence to take the lead in any given situation. And, they were surprised that there is a module in the curriculum for confidence and leading.

“In Vietnam, ‘to be able to take the lead’ is something that you are born with, not something that can be taught. In Singapore, it takes a very different approach to creating leaders.” Chao expressed.

“However, this is something that would take time to cultivate back in Vietnam, as the requirements of leadership is of a very different style from Singapore’s, which is more vocal. A Vietnamese, whose culture is more quiet and reserved, tend to be less vocal, but still maintains his or her ability to lead.” Minh added. 

Next was a discussion with Mrs. Tran Thi Phuc on a teacher’s perspective of the cultural exchange programme that her students went through. There was a very thick, and familiar book she was holding;  “Lee Kuan Yew’s: from third world to the first.”

When asked about the book, she mentioned it was one of the many things that the people of Vietnam respect in South-Est Asia, and that Vietnam can learn a lot from the ideas of the late Mr. Lee. The conversation then went back to the topic at hand, which is the benefits or learning experience that a student from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology might have experienced on this trip.

“The opportunity to learn communication skills, and team work is something that we do not have in Vietnam. It is something that would be able to help, maybe, the shy students, with great ideas to share with everyone around them.” Ms. Phuc said

The students, and teacher, both mentioned communication and their respect towards Singapore’s education system in churning out creative and confident students who are able to present their ideas in a professional manner. She said, “In Vietnam, education is the key to success, and that leads to focusing more on books and exam papers. For Singapore, however, it is also part of giving back to society and helping the nation. The positive sign is our student’s eagerness to be able to learn from our Singaporean counterparts, on how to be able to help society through education.”

The exchange programme has helped both NYP students and students from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology to learn from each other. And, Ms. Phuc hopes that there are more opportunities such as this in the future.
From left to right: Ms. Dao Nguyen Nhat Huynh, and Mr. Vo Luu Tuan Minh, and Mr. Nguyen Phuc Quynh Chau with their teacher Mrs. Tran Thi Phuc.

By Nasruddin Islam Bin Ramli, Diploma in Electronics, Computer & Communications Engineering

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