Monday, November 2, 2015

10 Great Gifts You Can Get From D'Studio

One of the highlights of 2015’s second semester for the campus would be the newly opened D’Studio. Not only is it spacious and aesthetically pleasing, it is also located at the heart of the campus (Block A, level 2), right next to Cheers. This mini shopping area offers a varied range of merchandise including fashion apparels for both genders, accessories, make-up products, electronics, sportswear and equipment, collectibles and NYP’s very own wearables and accessories. Be it for birthdays or even festive occasions like Christmas, the variety of merchandise sold might just make it the perfect place for you to get your gift shopping done!

For Him

Here we have a range of different printed t-shirts sold at the price of $15. Almost everyone owns at least one printed t-shirt. It may be a souvenir you bought or a shirt with a great design, printed tees are amongst the most common apparels. Have a friend who always dons a printed tee to school? Drop by D’Studio and get him one more. It may not be anything extravagant or fanciful but at least you can be sure he will put it to good use. Not forgetting, the soft and light material is simply perfect for Singapore’s weather. From simple prints to vintage and grunge patterns, you’ll be sure to find something.

TIP: You can also fork out a few more dollars to get him a polo t-shirt for a smarter look.

If you’re feeling generous and a t-shirt is not enough, you may want to consider getting him a snapback (hat) to match, also priced at $15. There are several different designs available, and you can pick one to match the shirt or your friend’s personality.

If you want to opt for a “classier” gift, you could waltz over to the perfume and cologne section. I took a whiff and I must say, the scents smell pretty good for an affordable price of $19. You could play around with the different colognes and get your friend one you think would suit him or her. If your friend is a classmate you see on a daily basis, then get him or her a scent that you adore, so you and everyone in class gets a whiff of the aroma!

Have a friend you often see at the gym? Here’s a gift you know will never go unused. Your sporty friend will greatly appreciate a new pair of training shorts or a dri-fit shirt he could slip on before heading to the gym. The various sports outfits are priced under $30. It may help to cheer your friend on during his training – we all know how tiring it can get at times. Or you could buy it for yourself to motivate yourself to work out. Here’s to a fitter lifestyle!

For Her

There are many types of perfumed hand cream from The Face Shop at D’Studio. The hand cream comes in many different flavours. Just like how different each and every one of our friends are, you could get one for your pal who fancies fruity scents to one who prefers nutty, vanilla scents. At only $5.90, this gift is value for money too!

Some girls will always be little girls at heart. If your friend is too old for dolls, you may want to get her a doll to suit her age – perfume that comes in a bottle shaped like a doll. Each bottle of perfume has its own distinct scent and even a human name, like Lily and Niki. If your friend shares the same name, you could get her a perfume version of herself.  Imagine Lily receiving a perfume bottled doll named Lily - that would be cute! It is pretty pricey at $49 though!

A little tight on budget? The Kimmi Fragrance collection comes in mini sizes selling at $15. Yes, there is a gift for everybody!

It is your fashionista friend’s birthday coming up. Should you get a top or a bottom or… both? Fret not, trendy one-piece outfits are on sale at D’Studio. It could be a casual romper for a day at school or a mini dress for a girl’s night out. This gift saves you the trouble of getting two pieces.

It is common to worry about whether or not your friend will like what you picked out. However, you can never go wrong with black and white apparels. These are the staple colours of every wardrobe, definitely a safe option! Though the colours are monochromatic, the designs are widely differentiated, and you will be able to find the right one to bring out the curves of your beloved friend.

Buying gifts for a bunch of friends or looking for unique items to add to your Christmas goodie bags? Here are some scented soap pieces shaped into cute things like owls and sunflowers. The best part -- these are all handmade!

Unisex Gifts

One gift you’ll never go wrong with? Socks.  It does not matter what design your socks are since they will be covered. Chances are, your friend may need a pair of clean socks after a week of delayed laundry. Know of a sneakerhead? You might want to get him or her a few pairs of socks to go with their collection of sneakers. Ranging from popular cartoon character to plain colour designs, there’s a pair of socks for everyone!

These are different coloured earpieces arranged in the shape of a musical note. As you can see in the picture above, there is a wide variety of colours available. Teenagers are often seen listening to music on their way to school and back. Getting your friends a pair of earphones in their favourite colour would make their journey to and from school a lot more enjoyable.

This concludes my list of great gifts – both affordable and suitable – you can get at NYP’s very own D’Studio. If you still can’t find anything appropriate, grab a balloon that reads “Happy Birthday” on your way to class! Happy shopping!

By Germaine Leow, Year 0, PFP

Alongside her interests in writing and photography, Germaine aims to provide the best campus updates during her 4 years in NYP. With a Mass Media Management Diploma waiting for her at the end of her polytechnic journey, she promised herself to never forget the importance of hard work, for God gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.

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