Sunday, November 29, 2015


Fiona (first row, standing in the middle)

Check out how these Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) students transformed small ideas into big results with their ingenious innovations.

A guilt-free sweet treat? Sounds like a recipe for success. Having previously won the ‘Best New Ice Cream Award’ in 2010 and 2011, NYP continued its winning streak with Mangolina, a dessert that comprises three layers – fresh mango puree, skimmed milk pudding and spirulina bits. Created by four students from NYP’s School of Chemical & Life Sciences and packaged by three students from the School of Design, Mangolina clinched the ‘Best Dairy Dessert Award’ at the 2015 World Dairy Innovation Awards Competition, beating industry bigwigs like Unilever Pte Ltd.

“Our vision is to provide a nutritious treat for the young at heart,” explains Fiona Tan, NYP’s Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition alumna, on behalf of her team. “The unique selling point of our dessert is that we make use of modern molecular gastronomy art to create the spirulina bits. It’s a whole new experience for the palate.”

The baton was then passed to the students from the Diploma in Visual Communication, who came up with a packaging that epitomises the healthy ingredients in Mangolina. “We embarked on this without any expectations and giving nothing but our very best,” states Tong Lin, a member of the team. “NYP provided us a platform to express our talent and flair in design, as well as the support we needed for constant improvement.”

Tong Lin (extreme right)

Elated about the win, Fiona and her team express gratitude to her lecturers in NYP. “This was not the result of a single person’s idea or effort, but the result of everyone’s creativity. Without the guidance from our lecturers, we may not have come up with such a great product.” The team now hopes to introduce Mangolina into the market and share this healthy dessert with everyone.

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Published in the Dec 2015 Issue of Teenage Magazine. Reproduced with Permission.

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