Tuesday, December 29, 2015

10 Awesome Places to Visit in NYP

School is not all about studies and grades – especially if you spend most of your time in campus. One of the key benefits of studying in a Polytechnic would be all the awesome facilities. With 2015 being the year NYP’s new facilities are scheduled to be completed, here’s the guide for you to check out the new and useful places to visit, and enjoy in 2016!

1) T-Junction

Creatively designed with a wide variety of entertainment facilities, T-Junction is the place to go after a tiring class. You could grab a board game or bond over a game of pool, or air-hockey, belt out to your favourite song at the karaoke booths or challenge your friends to a video game! Hungry? Fret not, for there is T-Café. Accessible from both inside and outside NYP, this vibrant café sells a range of tasty snacks from the must-have cheese fries to the good ole’ smoothie.
Photo by Felicia Kwan

2) Bodywatch Gym

On the second storey of T-Junction sits the newly-built Bodywatch Gym. With a wide variety of gym equipment available, this spacious gym could just be mistaken for a professional fitness club. Whilst pursuing a fit lifestyle, you could enjoy the view of NYP’s neighbourhood, and sneak a smile at the commuters in the MRT trains.

PS: Let’s not forget the relatively comfortable shower rooms right next to the gym.

3) Foodgle Hub
After a long day studying diligently, one should definitely pamper his/her growling stomach. Head over to the new canteen at Block P1. Aside from popular brands like Gong Cha, Astons and Taiwan Ichiban, Foodgle is famous for its tasty Ayam Penyet. With the new addition of Happy Rollies ice-cream, we are certain you can keep your tummy happy. From a hearty meal to a treat for your sweet tooth, Foodgle has it covered.

4) L’Rez

Perhaps you love fine dining and would like to satisfy your cravings during school hours, then head down to L’Rez, NYP’s very own training restaurant. Perfectly elegant, L’Rez offers a full 3-course meal at an affordable price ($12)! Could it get any better? Yes! Celebrity chefs are invited to cook with the students, and their menus often feature signature dishes that are oh so delectable!

5) New Annex at Blk A 
The heart of the campus has all the conveniences you will ever need!

Cheers: Say your next class starts in a few minutes but you skipped breakfast that morning. Your everyday convenience store is now available in NYP. Grab a can of coffee for an energy boost or chow down a warm chicken pie. Never have to go with an empty stomach!

Connect’On: One of Singapore’s well-established telecommunication services, Starhub, is now available in NYP. Tech-savvy students can drop by to get a first-hand preview of the latest gadgets and tech accessories.

Popular Bookstore: When there are students, there must be stationery! Ran out of pen ink? Need a file to organise your notes? We have our very own Popular Bookstore in Campus! Just flash your admin card and get a student discount on every purchase.
Photo by Felicia Kwan

6) D’Studio

D’Studio is a mini shopping area selling a wide range of apparels, skincare products, gadgets and unique trinkets. You may discover well-known brands like The Faceshop and many more; I’ll leave the exploring to you. They say that retail therapy works wonders, happy shopping!

7) Library 

Though we should take a break from our work, we have to get back to it after resting. NYP’s library is the perfect place to kick start productivity. There are two levels – the lower level for you and your friends to discuss your project over coffee and cake at the L’café; or above, where there are stylish study pods for you to work in silence and peace. It’s so quiet you can even hear a pin drop! The best part? There are many sound-proof project rooms for you and your friends to discuss your presentations and projects. Make as much noise as you want, the noise bounces off the walls and it is like there are two different worlds on one single level. Nice!

8) Reading Lounge

NYP’s newly-opened Reading Lounge is a specially designed space for collaborative learning and self-study. When the lifestyle area in the library is crowded, head over to the Reading Lounge outside the library. You can do your discussions at the movable tables and chairs, or lounge at the comfortable terrace seats that come with a view. There are a variety of tables, long ones for big groups, round tables for small group discussions and comfortable sofas to rest and relax. With doors leading to an outdoor platform, we can anticipate a veranda in the next semester!

9) Sky Garden

Clinching the Excellence Award in the Skyrise Greenery Awards 2015, NYP is acknowledged for our picturesque and beautiful sky gardens at Block P and S. With ample sunlight and shady areas, these roof gardens are the perfect places for you to capture the beautiful campus memories with your buddies.

10) Sports Complex

Last but not least, the Sports Complex at Block F and G is where the sporty gather. What’s available? Swimming pools, an indoor stadium, rock-climbing wall, outdoor track, tennis courts and a high element course. You name it, we have it! If the gym does not satisfy your needs then the Sports Complex would be the place to go.

TIP: Have a particular interest in a sport? Sign up for a CCA and nurture that interest.

This concludes my list of the 10 awesome places to visit in NYP. If you have different places or facilities in mind, share it in the comments section below. Here is to exploring NYP together!

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By Germaine Leow, PFP

Alongside her interests in writing and photography, Germaine aims to provide the best campus updates during her 4 years in NYP. With a Mass Media Management Diploma waiting for her at the end of her polytechnic journey, she promised herself to never forget the importance of hard work, for God gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.