Friday, December 11, 2015


Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? For Teo Yi Xuan (above, extreme left), a student pursuing the Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work) at Nanyang Polytechnic, she sees the world and experiences another culture, all while making a difference in other people’s lives. Earlier this year, she went on a three-week overseas exchange programme to Hong Kong’s Caritas Institute of Higher Education, where she attended social work lectures, visited social service agencies, and participated in various outreach and volunteering projects.

However, the most rewarding part of the journey is the friendships forged between Yi Xuan and the social work students in Hong Kong. “They’re extremely welcoming,” she shares. “We’ve grown really close over the three weeks, sharing everything from our passion for social work to our troubles in life.”

She took home more than just memories – through the various field trips, she gained a better idea of the different approaches used in managing social service agencies: “The knowledge I gained on the trip helped to widen my perspective on social services. It made me ponder about our current systems and how we can improve them.”

Besides Hong Kong, she also went to Shanghai for a social work exchange programme and Malaysia for a Polytechnic forum. Yi Xuan looks forward to adding the “more developed” Western countries into her bucket, and plans to further her studies in social work at National University of Singapore.

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Published in the Dec 2015 Issue of Teenage Magazine. Reproduced with Permission.

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