Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Synergy 2016 - Teamwork Makes Dreams Work

With a combined effort, we can achieve more this is what Synergy taught me. This year, NYP Adventure Club (ADC) held the 9th edition of Synergy – NYP Adventure Race on 16 January 2016. Participating members had to form teams of 3 each with at least a member from the opposite gender, and complete a set of challenges at 10 checkpoints around Singapore. The total distance we had to cover was 25km!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


As an avid gamer, Muhammad Azri Zulhilmi Bin Giman aspired to be a game designer. “NYP was the obvious choice for me, it is well-known for its Diploma in Digital Game Art & Design,” comments Azri.

Thanks to the NYPFP, Azri was able to have a taste of polytechnic education ahead of his ‘N’ Level peers who decided to continue with their ‘O’ Level examinations. This gave him a head start when it came to acquiring skills and knowledge required for the course. “I was able to learn basic drawing techniques such as rendering and composition,” says Azri. “These foundation skills gave me an added advantage when I started Year 1 as I was able to perform better than most of my course mates.”

Besides the technical skills acquired during his time in NYPFP, Azri has also learnt essential soft skills like teamwork and time management. “There are hardly any deadlines in secondary school, but it’s different in polytechnic,” says Azri. “You have to learn how to manage deadlines by being responsible about how you spend your time.”

Upon graduation, Azri hopes to pursue a degree in Game Design and urges those who are considering the PFP to chase their dreams. “Choosing where to go next [after your ‘N’ Levels] is a huge decision, but they should always go for the best,” says Azri. “I highly recommend NYP for its conducive learning environment and helpful lecturers.”

Published in the Jan 2016 Issue of Teenage Magazine. Reproduced with Permission.