Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ready to Cook Up a Storm

Dominic Lee
Dominic Lee and Sabrina Chong will be facing a tough challenge. From 7 to 9 July, they will be competing in the finals of WorldSkills Singapore, a nation-wide skills competition for Singaporean youth who excel in technical skills. The two Diploma in Food & Beverage Business students will be amongst the pioneer team of NYP students to compete in the Cooking category - a new skill area for NYP. Unlike students participating in categories like Health & Social Care and CNC Milling, Dominic and Sabrina have no predecessors to learn from. However, this disadvantage has not fazed them, and they are determined to prove their passion and prowess in culinary arts.

As competitors, Dominic and Sabrina will have to cook up a three course menu from a mystery basket, and a four course menu comprising a tiramisu cake deconstruction and other items. They will also need to pay attention to mise en place, finishing and presentation.

Things were not always a clear and straight path for them both, as they were previously students from different diploma courses. Dominic Lee was studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering in Ngee Ann Polytechnic before he made the switch to NYP.

When questioned about his decision, he said: “My parents did not approve of it, but I just went for it, because I knew it was something I wanted to do. I was working part-time in a kitchen, and felt the excitement of cooking. Preparing dishes during peak hour gives me a thrill that I have not experienced before.”
Sabrina Chong
Sabrina Chong, who first chose Pharmaceutical Science in NYP, knew that she wanted to learn more about the culinary field since her first year.

“My mum knew I was not keen in my previous course, and asked me if I wanted to change course. But I told her that I would continue for a year before I made any decision,” said Sabrina. “After a year, I decided to take the big step and just pursue my passion.”

Dominic and Sabrina are currently in their final year. They have no regrets switching courses and are also confident about themselves. They believe that their strong work ethics and attention to details will help them to do well in Worldskills.

Sabrina’s dream is to learn from great chefs and hopefully specialise in catering for private events. She also hopes to pass on her wisdom to other aspiring chefs in the future. Dominic aspires to open a fine dining restaurant in Singapore, and looks forward to showcasing his craft to diners.

The duo are looking forward to learning from other chefs and testing their skills at WorldSkills Singapore next week. We wish them all the very best!

By Nasruddin Islam Bin Ramli, Diploma in Electronics, Computer & Communications Engineering

A Diploma in Electronics, Computer and Communications Engineering student, Nas hopes to be able to achieve his dream and make little changes that would benefit the world. But he also understands that life has its curve-balls, so he would just be happy being able to improve himself as a person and a human-being by learning something new every day, regardless of it being inside or outside the classroom.

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