Sunday, January 8, 2017

All Geared Up and Ready to Go

Fuelled by passion and determination, Muhammad Ghazzi Bin Krisna throws all his focus and energy into his cycling pursuits and racks up numerous milestones on his journey. His efforts have paid off handsomely when he scores himself a coveted place in the Singapore Cycling Federation’s National Training Squad!

The path to becoming a national cyclist is certainly not without obstacles. Once, Ghazzi contemplated withdrawing due to failing two modules twice. The second-year Diploma in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology student recalls that it was indeed a very low period for him. However, with support from his personal mentor, lecturers and course mates from the School of Chemical & Life Sciences, he bounces back and is now juggling classes, workouts and trainings with ease. Efficient time management, he reckons, is the answer to his success.

His lecturers would allow him to skip lessons when he needs to attend competitions. Ghazzi also makes sure that he informs his school way in advance so that his lecturers can ensure that he does not miss out any important lessons or tests. He has also learnt how to maintain a schedule that includes both his cycling training and school curriculum. “Having a rigorous schedule keeps me focused on what to do for the day,” he says.

Discipline and time management aside, he also has to contend with physical and mental challenges. He admits that all the training and school work would drain him out but he overcomes this by believing that it is just “mind over body”.

In June this year, Ghazzi topped the 56km Club Challenge in the TRI-Factor Bike 2016! It is by no means an easy feat to out-do 1,135 participants for the title. Fired up by his achievements, his next goal is to represent Singapore in the upcoming 2017 SEA Games. With all the support from NYP, we know he will surely ride far into his goals!

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