Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Tee Guys

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When the word got out that Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) has launched an exclusive streetwear available exclusively in D’Studio, it was gone before many could even check them out! Yup, this latest collection of NYP tees was designed by our own students Simon Ng Wei Hao (Diploma in Business Management) and Bryan Lian Jenn Yi (Diploma in Engineering with Business).

Simon (left in picture), a final-year student, was attached to D’Studio during his Teaching Enterprise Project (TEP) was first intrigued by how well the NYP tees were selling. He toyed with the idea of creating NYP’s first ever streetwear collection with his buddy Bryan Lian Jenn Yi (right in picture), also a final-year student but from the Diploma in Engineering with Business. Both of them shared a common interest in fashion trends and thought they could design something new.

With encouragement from D’Studio’s TEP lecturers, they researched on the creative elements of streetwear.  Eventually, they came up with a Japanese-inspired design that cleverly used Japanese words and an assortment of shapes.  The tees were in two basic colours - black and white – mostly commonly used in streetwear.

Simon was also guided by his TEP’s lecturers on how to source and negotiate with suppliers to print the tees.  Imagined their astonishment and ecstasy when they found out that the first batch of 300 pieces were snapped up within a few days!  A new batch was recently stocked up and some sizes were already out of stock.

Inspired with their success, Simon and Bryan decided to set up their own company - Legion Apparels - and started work on new and exciting designs.  Their new collection were showcased during the NYP Entrepreneurial Fair in December 2016.
Simon and Bryan have turned their idea into reality. With NYP nurturing them, their first step has taken off beautifully.

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