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Meet Vivien Wee! She is a year 1 student in Nanyang Polytechnic, studying Mass Media Management. She got into NYP through the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) before she finished her O levels!

If you are considering applying for EAE, why not hear from Vivien herself?

1. Tell us more about yourself and why did you choose to join NYP through EAE?
I was a Normal Academic student from Beatty Secondary School and I completed my O levels in 2016. I was in the National Cadet Corp (Air) in secondary school.

Since young, my friends and family have been telling me about NYP. My closest cousin, uncle, and my secondary school seniors and friends were from NYP.

Personally, I feel that NYP is like a family. NYPians are accepting of people and will not judge others based on looks, disability, studies and family background. NYP has this family warmth and I feel loved by my peers in NYP.

Additionally, NYP is conveniently located near Yio Chu Kang MRT station, which is 5 stations away from my home. So it’s very convenient for me to travel to and fro!

2. What were the programmes you had to do as an EAE student?
Before our O-level results were released, all of us EAE students were invited to attend several tailor-made programmes.  Through these, we got to know other EAE students, and our lecturers, tutors and course managers better.

For instance, back in Dec last year, we had a session for students from the same course where we got to know each other. In Jan this year, we visited MakerSpace, a creative workshop in NYP, and tried our hands at creating and customising our own tote bag.

In Feb, we had an EAE team-bonding event where we were grouped randomly with EAE students from other schools and courses.  We also completed an online module titled "Communicating Effectively". This module was extremely beneficial as it helped me to be a more effective and confident communicator in school.

These programmes were very useful, fun and meaningful. To this day, I am still in contact with the people I met during the programmes, such as seniors in my course. This is advantageous as I can seek their help and advice anytime I am in doubt.
A picture with my EAE group!

3. Would you recommend NYP and the EAE programme?
A definite… Yes! Like what I said previously, NYP is not just a school, but also a big family. Everyone here is accepted for being themselves!

EAE is a platform for students to get into their dream course before receiving their final O-level grades. It is an admissions exercise based on talent and interests, and encourages students to pursue their passion.

I applied for the Mass Media Management course because I would like to be a reporter or a radio deejay in the future. And the course has allowed me to learn how the media industry works behind the scenes. I am also taught skills such as article writing and filming.

My cousin and seniors who’ve graduated from NYP told me that they still keep in touch with their poly friends: I strongly believe that the friends that I make in NYP will be friends for life!

Through the EAE Programme, I also met my best friend, Sophie, who is in the same course as me! Sophie is the first person that I opened up to in NYP. We also have similar interests, like k-pop!

Me and my best friend, Sophie!

Here are another two more good friends I made through EAE - Matthew Wong and Matthew Lee. Both of them are from the Sports & Wellness Management course and we all love sports and going to the gym.
My good friends, Matthew Wong (left) and Matthew Lee (right), from the Diploma in Sports & Wellness Management.

Overall, I highly recommend NYP and its EAE programme!

All the best to this year’s EAE applicants and good luck!

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By Oh Angela Ray, Diploma in Accountancy and Finance

Angela is a passionate writer and photographer who believes in doing her best, to the best of her ability. As a Communicator for NYP (Students who are part of The Communicators CCA become ambassadors to secondary schools and to contribute social media posts too), she loves to share useful information and believes in lending a helping hand if it is within her means. She encourages all NYPians to enjoy and make the most out of their time in NYP.

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