Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hidden Gems at NYP

NYP celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2017. So, we decided to scout for things that not many people know about.  To get this list, it was weeks of research and speaking to NYPians before whittling down to the best. Enjoy!

1.    Outdoor Amphitheatre

Think of performance venues at NYP, and the auditorium or the Theatre for the Arts usually comes to mind.  But we have another outdoor performance venue: tucked away near the sports stadium, is an often overlooked amphitheatre. This 500-seater has mainly hosted CCA meetings, school-related activities and musical events.
It’s got a dramatic dome that makes it perfect for drama performances, or for students of ancient Greek philosophy in togas. We’re kidding about the togas.

2.    Beach Volleyball Sand Pit

There is no need to travel to Sentosa for a game of beach volleyball! There are dedicated sand pits at our own sports stadium. Head to the stadium, and they’re on the right side of the track, visible from the road.

3.    Secret Garden

We’ve got awesome roof gardens at Blocks S and P with plenty of greenery – and they are definitely favourites for awesome wefies going by NYP’s Instagram feed.

BUT, there is another, less well-known garden, tucked away in Block N1. We hear that this roof terrace, located on the eighth floor, is a favourite among School of Design students. The mixture of distressed swings and see-saws gives this hipster playground a nostalgic, but industrial vibe. Perfect for selfies, or long discussions over cups of coffee.

4.    Greenhouse Greens

We’ve got a pretty tech-y greenhouse in NYP’s Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Teaching Facility for Urban Environments (NATURE). There, we’re trying out glass that’s coated with a layer of nano-particles. These basically transform raw sunlight into red and blue wavelengths – which the plants thrive on so that they grow bigger and faster.

The planting beds are also self-watering and energy saving.

Sometimes, the plants and herbs grown in the greenhouse make it into meals prepared by students from the Diploma in Food and Beverage Business. How awesome is that?

5.    Vending Machines Around Campus

Hor fun, curry chicken with rice, mutton rendang with biryani rice, and spaghetti with meatballs: these are just some of the dishes you can get right out of our vending machines at Cheers and Block M.  Oh, we like the cup noodle vending machine at South Canteen, complete with a hot water tap beside the machine.

6.    A Lab with Real Planes

Tucked away in a corner of Level 3, Block N1, is a lab where our engineering students work on a real plane. We have an entire Lear Jet 25, a cockpit of a B737, a Lear Jet engine TFE731, the fuselage shell of a B757 and the tail boom of an airbus helicopter AS350 Squirrel.  Besides, the students are building a real plane from scratch!

7.    Sensory Evaluation Room

At Block N Level 6, there is a ten-station sensory evaluation room that allows us to test new flavours, aromas and textures for new products.  NYPians can volunteer our taste buds and stomachs for regular food tasting sessions conducted by NYP’s School of Chemical and Life Sciences (SCL).

8.    17 (!!) PokeStops

If you are a die-hard Pokemon Go fan, you can check out the 17 PokeStops in NYP. Peppered all over campus, you can get your poke-eggs hatched, poke-buddy candies, stardust, poke-items and pokemons.  As a bonus, you would probably end up walking several kms and chalk up your daily exercise quota. 

The PokeStops include the NYP entrance, the fountains near the entrance, L’Rez restaurant, NYP Stadium and even the grass patch between Block M and Block N. 

9. Explore our Library of Things

Ozobot Bit
 The NYP library has more to offer than study spaces. You have a plethora of smart gadgets to borrow, thanks to the Library of Things!

       The  Equil Smart Marker digitally records what you have written on whiteboards. With a built-in memory, it sends the entire “board” for users to review and edit. You will never have to take a photo of a meeting’s scribbles again.
       The Swivl C Robots automatically records lectures.

Ozobot Bit is a cute compact robot which you can use to learn about programming.

These gadgets also come with a comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide. Approach the Library Information Services counter for information.

10. Musical Stairs

Located at Block R, Level 4, these stairs consists of 12 notes in the scale of C major.  If you are feeling creative, you can actually hop around and compose your own melody!

11. 3D Art

Never mind about going to the Trick-Eye Museum. We have a creative mural where you can feed parrots or escape into a tropical rainforest. There is even a guide on how to pose with the different parts of the mural. Head down to Level 3 at Block A, and make a stop at the staircase landing leading to the library.

12.  “Huichun” Exercise group

If you venture to the outdoor area between Blocks M and N in the evenings, you may spot a group doing “Huichun” exercise.

It involves simple movements of limbs and it stretches muscles, moves joints, and applies pressure on main acupressure points.  Mr Wong Gee Tin, Senior Executive from SEG, has been faithfully conducting these free classes for the past 13-14 years, three times a week.

He said: “I learnt these exercises from an industry contact and decided to share them with my colleagues. It is less strenuous than aerobic exercise, but still provides a good workout. My colleagues tell me that they perspire and sleep well after doing the exercises.”

For each session, Mr Wong sees around 10-15 colleagues attending his 40-minute classes.  They are from different Schools and Departments.  In fact, word about his classes has spread and even the neighbourhood Ang Mo Kio aunties have asked whether they can join the classes!

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