Wednesday, July 4, 2018

5 Group Discussion Spots You Need to Check Out in NYP

Term Break has ended! Apart getting to see our friends again, we all have group projects to do! NYP has lots of conducive places to study, but here are my top 5 best picks!

#1: Smart Learning Spaces  
Location: NYP Library, Block A, Level 4 North Wing

Air-conditioned? – Check!
Quiet? – Check!
Power sockets? – Check!

Located within the Library’s Smart Learning Hub, the Smart Learning Spaces are basically rooms that can be booked through our NYP portal. Each room is enclosed, meaning that you will be able to block out noise, and brainstorm with your group in peace!  Also, it comes with plenty of power points J. Only caveat? You can get a maximum of one hour, per group (min 3pax, max 6 pax), each day. Plus bookings only open only 1 day in advance. Still worth it though.

To book: Visit the NYP portal > e-Services > Facility Reservations > Online Booking (Only for Library Smart Learning Spaces), then follow the instructions on the screen.

 PS: Here’s a tip: There is a bigger Smart Space, located behind L’CafĂ©, which can accommodate up to 12 people!

#2: Project Rooms
Location: NYP Library, Block A, Level 5 Quiet Zone

Although they are also in the Library, these project rooms are located on Level 5. Each room is designed differently and unique. 

The fun and colourful rooms definitely make you feel relaxed while discussing ideas. The project rooms also have more chairs and are much roomier than the Smart Learning Spaces, thus they are an ideal location for larger groups of up to 10 people. Also, they come with some power points for your devices.

Similar to the Smart Learning Spaces, the project rooms can be booked in blocks of 30 minutes, up to 1 day in advance. A minimum of 3 people are required to book a project room for a maximum of 1 hour per group each day.

To book the project room, use the NYP portal> e-Services> Facility Reservation> Online Booking and follow the instructions on screen.

#3: Food Central
Location: Block A, Level 1

With a food stall located just next to the seating area, this place is perfect for catching a quick bite while working on your projects. However, seats are not guaranteed since they can’t be reserved! There are also no power points, so do remember to bring a sufficiently charged phone or laptop before heading there.

#4: T-Junction Fun/Green Room
Location: Inside T-Junction, Level 1

Who says studying has to be boring? T-Junction is not just a place for play, but it’s also a good place for getting your creative juices flowing! Come check out the Green Room. The bright and versatile set-up in the room can inspire you to come up with new and creative ideas! And, when you get too stressed out, you can take a short breather easily by moving to the Xbox/Wii game room or singing your heart out at the karaoke room. Don’t get too caught up in that though!J

#5: Rooftop Garden Area
Location: Block S, School of Engineering, Level 4

Get closer to nature at this Rooftop Garden (By the way, NYP actually has 3 more roof gardens, one at Blk J and one at Blk P, and a hidden one at Blk N1). For those who love nature, this is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy group discussions. This location is very good for smaller groups, and is filled with lush greenery and well-maintained plants. It CAN get quite hot during sunny days, but in the evenings and cool days, it really is quite a nice area.

P.S. This place is not only for Engineering students, it is open to everyone!


Well, that’s the end of this article! Let’s all have a wonderful year ahead!!

Written by Brandon Mandolang, Diploma in Mass Media Management

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