Monday, September 24, 2018

What’s the big deal with ASEP?

Have you seen secondary school students in uniform walking around NYP during the day?

They are potentially our future juniors. Here’s why: These students are here for the Applied Studies Experience Programme, more commonly known as ASEP.

ASEP is an initiative by Singapore’s Education Ministry to implement applied learning for secondary school students. So NYP partners a few Secondary Schools so that their Secondary 3 students get to come over and see what a poly education is like!

Are you wondering why only Sec 3 students? It is the best year to start planning the future. It is just a year away from O/N levels.

After experiencing ASEP, students can then think about the courses they want to apply for, and prepare for their application for NYP.

I signed up to be an ASEP ‘guide’, and to represent NYP.  My job as a student leader is to guide the students through the visits to academic schools where fun activities and talks are planned for them!

The Sec 3 students I have encountered seemed highly interested in our courses, and paid close attention during the tour. They were also fascinated by the stimulation rooms/areas where hands-on skills are practised!

Some even approached me to ask about student life in campus and overseas exchange opportunities – which are, by the way, abundant in NYP.        

ASEP at School of Interactive & Digital Media

Touring School of Engineering

Checking out the Manikin at School of Health Sciences

I’ve since helped out in many ASEP sessions, and I too find these tours engaging and also helpful in answering common concerns of the students, such as admission requirements (e.g. grades) and career/further studies opportunities.

In addition, the Secondary School students are given talks about the different admissions exercises like the EAE (Early Admission Exercise) and PFP (Polytechnic Foundation Programme).

I actually regret not applying to polytechnic through EAE.  I wasn’t aware of these exercises as students are now *sighs*. 

If I knew more about EAE, I would have definitely submitted an application and try to secure a spot in NYP before I took my O-Levels – that would have totally eased the pressure I experienced.

Read more about EAE here, and PFP here.

ASEP, in my opinion, is very beneficial and valuable to upper secondary students.

To all secondary school students who joined us for ASEP, all the best for your exams, and see you in NYP soon! 


By Boo Wei Ting, Diploma in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology

Wei Ting has always loved writing. Through writing for NYP’s blog, she has learnt to better present topics from her perspective. Apart from contributing to NYP’s social media platforms, Wei Ting also participates actively in outreach events and enjoys talking to her younger peers about life in poly.

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